Sam’s trip. Day Four.

(verbatim from scoutmaster’s emailed report)

Bike Day 4

Hop Sing and I were on the Starbuck Crew today (which means we had about 7 hours to drive 40 miles down the trail.) Therefore, I really don’t have any stories about what happened on the trail since I was not there.

The stories I am reporting were reported to me. No verification has been to done to their authenticity.

Sam rode fast.

James M ran into somebody.
Harrison Mc ran into something.

Matthew C sang a song

Alex told Matthew not to sing anymore on this trip.

Ben asked when we were going to get there 18x.

Harrison Mc had another flat tire. He has had 3.

The General wore the same shirt as he did for the first three days. (That lawyer thing really is not as lucrative as you think)

John R somehow ran into a sign that 12 other people passed safely. He knocked over the sign. He fell over too.

Mr Love fell off his bike. No one got hurt running over him on the trail.

We saw a 5ft black snake on the trail. No one got hurt running that over, either.

Other events that have been verified are:

The follow scouts need more money.
Harrison (both)
Matthew C taught them how to play poker during the rain storm last night. Matthew C does not need any additional $.

The van rattles a lot at above 85mph. The uhaul trailer rattles more. I guess the warning sticker on the speedometer is correct.

The General backed the truck into the trailer. The trailer definitely won. He claims he is more accustomed to single horsepower vehicles. He wanted to shoot the truck to put it down. He didn’t.

You can let Mitchell’s mom know he is back safe.

Harrison R discovered gas really burns quickly when thrown in a fire. Nearby tents burn quickly too. Sleeping under the stars isn’t that bad.

The water we drink is much clearer now that we are closer to cities. Earlier in the trip, we were encouraged to drink river water in lieu of the well water. We knew how bad the river was. We didn’t know how bad the well water was.

We have learned that our Scouts know little about US presidents. Ben told us John W Booth succeeded Lincoln as president. Alex thought he was right. (We ask trivia questions to divide up extra dessert portions. Ben and alex generally leave these quizzes hungry)

Alex, William C, James M and Mitchell all bought Energy Beans and something called Hammer at the 7-11 (what happened to all those in Charlotte?) Then rode their bikes real fast.

Everyone rode 42 miles. We are camped at Antietam Battlefield. This was a major battle in the civil war. We will tour the place Wed AM

After biking, we went swimming in the Potomac River. The fish bit us.

If your son was not mentioned, he might be back from the sheriffs department later. I will try to tell you something positive about them then.

We have approx 70 more miles to go. 114 complete.

Hop Sing continues to out do himself with the dutch oven. He is helping the boys learn how to prepare food, cook and chop stuff. Mitchell doesn’t have any trouble riding without two of his fingers.

Sam’s uncle from Baltimore met us on the trail at a rest stop. He brought gatorade and water. We were glad to see him. If any of you moms want to be as cool as Sams uncle, meet us at mile post 54 tomorrow with choc chip cookies.

We miss showers, air conditioning, soft seats and you.


Sounds like Sam is having a fine time.  Emily is, too, and she comes home tomorrow, thank goodness.  I still have to tell you about George and school… although it might wait until after the updates from Sam’s scoutmaster are all done.  They are much better reading 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sam’s trip. Day Four.

  1. I hope you are feeling better, Elizabeth. The messages from the scout leader must leave you with a smile. He has quite a knack for telling the story of their excursion. I’m looking forward to hearing about George and school. Love and prayers, Nancy

  2. I LOVE the scouting reports! Having raised two boys I find this especially entertaining and having a “reporter” with a sense of humor is a hoot!

    Rest, relax and repair. It is good to know you are slowly improving.

  3. My two brothers are Scouts. This is totally cracking me up. Thanks for sharing, and don’t forget to post the other ones, please!

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