My nest.

I had some radiofrequency surgery yesterday morning, was home in the afternoon, and have been in bed ever since.

Over the past few months, I’ve had enough times that I’ve been unable to be up and around that I’ve developed quite a cozy nest around me.    Working around in a circle, clockwise, first we have the phones and the always-present-within-my-reach baby sock in progress…. (all sitting on a pile of knitting magazines, of course 🙂  )

And next as we work our way around the circle we find whichever child has claimed the spot next to me… to read, to chat, to snuggle… although Danny today talked Dixon into hauling an extension cord into my room so that he could play I Spy games on the computer while keeping me company in bed.

And of course more knitting:

These are little sweaters for my dear friend Abigail’s soon-to-be-born twin grandchildren.  I’m knitting them out of Knitpick’s new sport weight self striping superwash wool yarn, so they are VERY soft and will be easy for new mama to take care of.  My knitting is slow, though – my lymphedema is quite a mess and I’ve had to revert to the big bandages instead of the pull-on sleeve.  Ugh.  You can see what I mean about the bandages:

But you can also see my sanity saving ipod.  Have you ever heard of Librivox? 

Clicking on the Librivox link could be dangerous…. THOUSANDS of classics, unabridged, read out loud, FREE.  Only books in the public domain, of course, but still!  One of my favorite things is that many of the more popular books are read by more than one reader, and I can therefore choose whose voice and reading speed I like best.  Also, many plays (think Shakespeare) are read by teams, which is way cool.

Then, working around again, while I’m listening, I can plan all the fall sweaters I’m going to knit for my family from the heap of coned superfine merino/cashmere over there.  Someday.  Someday when my bones and chest don’t hurt so much and I’m not so tired. 

And finally, my beloved ceiling fan.   Because this room is in the shaded corner of the house, and because of the fan, it’s always about five degrees cooler in here than anywhere else.  Maybe that’s why the kids like to hang out in here next to me….

So now you’ve seen my nest, where I’ll be for the next while as I heal and try to get a little strength back.   Sam and Emily are each on vacation – Sam on a 187 mile bike trip ending in Washington DC, Emily in St. Augustine, FL with the aunts… My hope is to be able to be up and about before they get back.  As nice as my nest is, I get awfully tired of the pain and weakness that grounds me here.  Please keep praying, OK?

7 thoughts on “My nest.

  1. Pain has a way of making all the fun ideas just to hard to do. I hope you rest and plan and make a list here and there. Mostly rest and heal.
    Many prayers.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Though I rarely leave comments, I wanted you to know that you are on my prayer list board and I see (and pray) for you each and every day. Your nest looks very cozy, indeed. Prayers for you to feel better very, very soon.

  3. You have building your nest down to an art form; I’m just sorry you have to spend so much time there. I hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Love and prayers, Nancy

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