Marian ATC Swap

60 % of my children and I participated in a Marian ATC swap, hosted by Kimberlee at Pondered in my Heart.  (You totally have to go look at her blog…  not just the ATC pages.  They are NOT a boring family.)  Danny has been making his own holy cards for a long time, but the rest of us were pretty new at the whole concept.

The ones up above are the ones I got back in the mail.  Below are the ones Sam got back:

Sam (14 y.o.) was particularly pleased that the swap hostess chose to keep one of the cards he made for her own collection.  Take a few minutes and go look at all the cards at her site – and then there are links so you can see all the other blogs of the other families that participated.

Brian, age 11, got the ones above, and Danny, age 7, got the ones below.

Danny was so excited about his that he decided he needed a special place to keep them, separate from his regular home-made holy card collection…. so Emily helped him paint a wonderful treasure chest.  The side facing out is “Mary” and he says that the side facing right is a dove and the initials H.S. for Holy Spirit. 

He decided to keep his rosary in his box, too, because he has five new cards, one for each decade.  That’s such Danny-logic 🙂 . 

You know, as much fun as it was to get such art in the mail, it might have been even better to spend the time to make our cards.  Sam, of course, evaluated all his design options on the computer first.

Brian used heavy mat board as the base for his cards so that he could make collage art.  I wish I’d had him make an extra one for me, they turned out really well.

Danny’s medium of choice is his treasured box of Prismacolor colored pencils. 

My cards left me with blue fingertips for about three days.  I stamped images with photopolymer stamps then added color with chalks and metallic gel crayons. 

When we got our envelopes with our new cards in them, Kimberlee had included a note telling us that she was going to host another ATC swap in the fall, with a Saints theme.  We’re definitely going to participate again, and I’ll post about it when it starts, so that you can join us.  It was a great family project.

6 thoughts on “Marian ATC Swap

  1. Lovely! Wish I could have fit it into my month. May vanished before I had one coherent thought I believe. Happu 4th.

  2. Elizabeth, my 14 yr old received one of yours and you one of hers (the Annunciation)!
    It was a wonderful time for my girls making those cards and we are looking forward to All Saints’!!!

  3. Just when I think you can’t possibly get any more creative, you do it again! What a fun way to spend time with all those creative kids of yours!

  4. This is so neat – seeing all of your artists ‘in action’! You certainly have some high tech artists there, including you. 🙂 Thanks again for participating and we will look forward to your creations in the fall!

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