We interrupt this regularly scheduled program


Today we’re not going to talk about Suzuki Institute, wonderful teachers, VERY LOUD drum classes or beautiful picnic lunches and practice sessions outside by the duck pond.

Today we are going to talk about marriage and parenthood.

Today is my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary.  As far back into childhood as I can remember, and every day of my adult life, I have been absolutely confident of my parents’ love for each other.  I am almost as certain that my dad still has quite a crush on my mom 🙂

I’ve never asked them what their secrets of a long happy marriage are.  I assume they have things to do with laughing lots, even at each other occasionally 🙂 …  with doing little things, every single day, just because they make the other person happy… with having children and grandchildren….  with sharing their Catholic faith…

I suspect, though, that they would not include on that list having to help thier oldest daughter so much recently … no doubt my cancer and its consequences and complications have added stress to their marriage and parenthood,  just as they have to mine.   It’s not easy for my parents, who both work and have many community responsibilities, to take time out from their jobs to drive many hundreds of miles to help me at my children’s Suzuki Instiute.

Or maybe it is… Perhaps it’s 47 years of putting family needs first that’s the secret.  And then the second secret is meeting those needs together. 

Nana and Papa… Mom and Dad… Midge and Pat… we all love you, we are so grateful that you’ve come with us again to Suzuki, and congratulations on 47 years.  You are our role models in many ways.

11 thoughts on “We interrupt this regularly scheduled program

  1. The thoughts you expressed about your mom and dad are beautiful and so true. Happy 47th anniversary, Midge and Pat!!!!! Looks like everyone is enjoying a splendid time at Suzuki Institute.

  2. Happy, Blessed, Anniversary Nana and Papa! May you be blessed with many more years together! This is a beautiful post, Elizabeth. I love how your parents have not told you the ‘secrets of a long happy marriage’, but instead have been showing you (and the world) what one can look like, for 47 years now. The joy and love in their faces is so beautiful to behold.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Midge and Pat!! I have heard many stories and have seen so many wonderful pictures, that I feel I know you. I have meant to say this before…you are an inspiration to me as a parent and a grandparent!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Pat and Midge. You two are a celebration even on a regular day. I so appreciate the way you are so connected to each other and appreciate the strengths each brings to the marriage. The pictures of you two are wonderful.

    Elizabeth, you are so right about family first. We have all witnessed that on many occasions.

    Love to all, Nancy

  5. Happy Anniversary, Midge and Pat and many more! I am remembering two stories Midge has told me: something that happened on their 25 anniv at a DRE meeting I believe, and wedding gift morning coffee mugs that Pat always used. Ask them.

    I think special couples and families lead to more special couples and families. May God continue to bless you all!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to two of my favorite people. They certainly do have something exceptional and it has shown for as long as I have known them. You, Jane and both of your families are so blessed to have them as a model of the very best that a marriage can be, and so are the rest of us who share them with you.

    Happy anniversary my friends.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to both of you. It’s a wonderful marriage as you can see in the pictures, they’re great. Happy Anniversary and Gary & I wish you many more anniversaries to come. We’ve both been blessed to know you.

  8. Wow, what a beautiful tribute to such wonderful people. The pictures of your parents capture their personalities and their love. Thank you.
    I am so glad you are feeling well enough to spend this special time with your children at the Suzuki institute. It seems like such a wonderful time making music with family and friends in a beautiful environment. Blessings to all of you.

  9. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney,

    I wish you at least 47 more delightful years together!

    Esther Paris in Rhode Island

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