Practicing in a hotel room

The first time we came to Suzuki Institute, I was surprised when each teacher assigned very specific practice work from each class for each child.  I had thought that six or seven hours of playing a day would have been enough.  Nope.  But we left our music stands at the college, so Sam had to improvise – a chip clip and Danny’s tubie juice pumper pole makes a perfectly fine music stand.

The teachers here always have interesting and unusual ways to work on specific needs each child has… they are truly master teachers and they are absolutely perfectionists, but they manage to make it fun.  For example, Brian’s left thumb was a millimeter or two too high over the edge of his fingerboard, and he was gripping too tightly.  So his 9 AM class teacher had us put a chip between his thumb and his violin, and he had to play his hardest piece without breaking the chip.  This created a small problem when he thought for a minute that he should be able to eat the ones he broke.

Danny had a great day, although he was too weak and tired to go to his afternoon classes.  He is taking a non-violin music class this week, and I’m glad it’s in the morning so he can really enjoy it.  It’s a West African drumming class, and the teacher is amazing.  I took a short video with my new ipod, but I have no clue how to get the video out of my ipod onto the computer and then into my blog.  Emily says she’ll help me when she’s done with her practicing.  She played from 8 AM to 5:30 PM with only a brief lunch break, so I hope she doesn’t have much more to work on or her arms are going to be really, really tired.   Plus I want to share this drumming video with you.  It was a great class to watch.  George loved it too… although he pretended to drum on my chest for the whole hour, so maybe tomorrow Papa’s going to have to hold him.

Time for me to get the littler boys to bed.  Hopefully video tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Practicing in a hotel room

  1. Gotta love your two older boys……….
    Memory #1 – Sam Improvising a music stand with a chip clip on Danny’s tubie juice pumper pole
    Memory #2 – Brian playing while holding a chip with his thumb

    Prayers for all of you!

  2. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I know the kids are learning so much. I do love how they always make it so fun at Suzuki Institute. I’m hoping one day me and my little ones can join you!

  3. I can hardly imagine all the creative things happening there this week. What an experience for all of you. Sorry you can’t eat the broken chips, Brian.

  4. Right when I think you and that family of yours could not possibly top your creative ideas … here you go!

    So glad you’re all having fun, love the pictures of musicians in “action”, and I’m with Teri… sorry about the broken chips, Brian!

    Lots of love!

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