Repost – made me laugh today

One of my friends emailed me the link to this old post because it made her laugh – and she knows me well enough to know that finding posts older than the ones that show up listed on the right side of the blog (maybe the most recent ten???) is beyond my technological ability…   so just in case you need a little chuckle today, here you go 🙂 .

Violin lessons are not boring

By keeponspinning

At least not when they’re Danny’s lesson.


(photo above from Suzuki Institute two years ago )

Perhaps you remember Jessica, my kids’ violin teacher


Here’s her blog – go see the gorgeous photos of her kids and then come right back.

So anyway, in case you didn’t go see her blog, Jessica is pregnant with a beautiful little boy.  Danny, Jessica and I were in her studio for his lesson when he asked her,

“Miss Jessica, do you have another new baby in your tummy?”

Jessica:  “Yes, Danny, I do.  Now, it’s a C sharp,  so B, C sharp, D.

Danny:  “How do the babies come out of your tummy?”

Me:  “Danny, we’ll talk about that later.  Now it’s time for violin.”

Danny:  “They don’t have to cut them out, do they?”

Jessica and I, relieved to have an easy out, in unison:  “Yes!  Baby Kathryn (Jessica’s second child) came out that way!”   Then Jessica tried to redirect… “Danny, let’s start back with a down bow, B, C sharp, D”

Danny:  “Do they always have to cut the babies out?  Did they cut George out?”

Me:  “No, but we can talk about that later.”

Jessica (in a futile attempt to save the lesson) : “Danny, let’s start over.  A, B, C sharp, D….”

Danny:  “Mom, do you remember how George got out of your tummy?”

Me:  “Gosh, I guess not.  We’ll have to ask Daddy.  LATER.”

Danny:  “Well, Mom, having babies is very important.  You really should have been paying attention when they got born.”


5 thoughts on “Repost – made me laugh today

  1. I remember reading this one!

    I really wish we could go back in your blog archives with a handy list in a sidebar (especially so I could learn about the miracle of Danny’s birth). Are you sure there isn’t some way in the WordPress layout/design area to choose that option? 🙂

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