Back to the un-pain guy

What a busy day we’ve had, in preparation for my being absolutely out of commission tomorrow… which is, of course, violin recital day.  The last violin recital with Jessica day.  Sob!  Maybe it’s better that I can’t go.  It sure takes an army to get my crew someplace without me, though… Monique to drive the ones who have to rehearse with the accompanist, Sara to take George, Dixon will arrive just in time to hear them play and then go to work. 

Meanwhile, I’m on my way at 8:00 tomorrow morning to the anesthesia pain specialist.  I’ve typed out my list of questions (since the drugs for the procedure are bad for my memory) and Sara always takes good notes.   I will be unable to drive, pick up George or Danny, or do housework all tomorrow, and if I lay flat all day, the injected steroids and anesthestics will stay where they’re supposed to longer and therefore get absorbed better. 

So the cookies for the reception are baked and packed up, and the boys shirts are pressed.  It’s a good thing that Dixon went to so many years of Catholic school… he can perfectly iron a boy’s shirt in less time than it takes me to pack George’s bag.

George is going to have adventures with Danielle tomorrow morning.  She and Jonathan are taking him to PT… and she knows Karen, his therapist,  from their Catholic school, but has never had a chance to see her in action.   No doubt she’ll be impressed… plus it will give her a chance to learn the best ways to help George. 

We’ve gotten our Marian ATC’s done, and ready for Sam to post tomorrow.  I have pictures, I’m just too tired to get them posted at the moment.  So go here and look at everybody else’s pictures:  Kimberlee’s blog is here.

Oh, and have I told you I’m sending ALL my babies to school-school next year?  Talk about heartache… but anyway, Brian is applying for a special middle school program for … hmmm…. for the Brians of the world… and we’ve been putting his portfolio together for Sam to put into inter-school mail at the Montessori school for me tomorrow.  Brian can’t walk it over because he’s going camping.  Not like we needed anything else to get ready for tonight.

Maybe I should get off the computer and get all this work done I keep talking about.  No doubt the un-pain guy would rather I arrive well rested.

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3 thoughts on “Back to the un-pain guy

  1. Oh, I miss checking on you for a few days and so much has been going on! Thanks again for the pictures!

    I read your blog and just smile…remember when I used to tell you need to write a book? Well, here it is!

    You are one special Mom and hope you know we’ll all be thinking of you today (as always) and hope the unpain guy takes special care of you…hope he doesn’t ever see your “schedule”!

    Best wishes to Jessica on her move, you are definitely loved by the Dehority family and anyone that gets to hear them play!

    Lots of love, hugs and rest!

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