William would be four today

May is a month full of birthdays for us….

I LOVE four year olds, don’t you?  They’re old enough to ask very interesting questions, big enough to take care of things independently sometimes, but still little enough to just fit right into your arms and fall asleep with their heads on your shoulder.

I try to console myself about losing our tiny little William by thinking that if we’d gotten to keep him, we’d likely not have had George, and we all love George more than anything.  But there’s still such a big empty spot in my heart, and the time right before and after he was born is so vivid in my memories….

So let’s think about a different birthday or I’m going to be crying all day.  Well, honestly, I probably will anyway but….  let’s look at the pictures of Danny’s birthday anyway.  They’re fun.

Yep.  Those are bees.  Betsy brought an observation hive full of them (approximately 2000 bees) to take to Danny’s school-school.

She took her bees and all her wonderful teaching props into Danny’s old primary classroom and his current class to teach the kids all about them.

Danny goes to a public Montessori school, and the students there take their gardening very seriously.  Many of them already knew quite a bit about bees, and they asked LOTS of good questions.

Danny got to wear the beekeeper suit because it was his birthday.

In each class, Betsy chose one child whom she dressed up as a bee as she discussed all their parts and how they work.  I’ve always known Betsy to be a very smart doctor, but I think perhaps she’s even a better teacher.  Keeping thirty children at a time totally engaged and interacting in such a positive way can be a real challenge.

Even though she wasn’t going to be able to stay for our family celebration of Danny’s birthday, she brought a cake for us… with bees on it, of course.

So now Danny is officially seven.  It’s still hard for me to believe.

And we have George (who likes cake 🙂 ) and I can’t imagine life without George.  But there’s still a big empty hole in my heart for a beautiful little tiny boy named William Francis DeHority.

7 thoughts on “William would be four today

  1. Elizabeth,
    That hole will always be there, but you would not be the person or mother you are if you were any other way. Most of us who have lost babies, even before they were developed enough to know if they would have been a boy or a girl, still wonder about our lost ones from time to time. I think it is in the well developed female mothering gene somewhere. William was blessed to be a part of your family.

  2. Well, without really knowing you, I find you very admirable. As someone told me after one of my miscarriages (6), your William is in the arms of Our Lady and will be the first to welcome you into Heaven someday. And, like you, many of my seven living children would not be here had I not miscarried, which I cannot imagine life without any of them. You have had much to deal with in your life and you seem to do it with grace and love even in human frailty. Your husband and children are blessed. Peace and prayers. +JMJ+

  3. i love you, elizabeth. thank you for sharing danny’s birthday with us. he looks so grown up!

    william loves you too. and he understands. i imagine him in the arms of Our Mother, and i imagine him whispering into her ear, asking her to hold him close to you when you struggle with your absence from each other.

    sending you prayers, love, admiration, and wishes for all good things, for comfort, for peace, for joy, for hope.

  4. You’re in my prayers, Elizabeth, especially today. May you feel comforted and surrounded by those who love you.
    Betsy is amazing and I’m sure all those kids will remember the day of the bees.
    The picture of George covered in frosting is priceless.

  5. Rowena so beautifully articulates the words in my heart. Thank you, Rowena.

    Elizabeth, thank you for the pictures of Jessica practicing with the kids and of Betsy with the bees. Danny looked like the perfect beekeeper in his suit. George may not understand the reason for the cake, but that doesn’t hamper his obvious enjoyment at eating it.

    Love and prayers, Nancy

  6. Everyone has expressed my sentiment more beautifully than I could. Happy birthday to all your boys, those in God’s care and those still in your arms.

  7. Big hugs to you for the hole in your heart named William. But God always adds sweetness to the bitter, doesn’t he? I can’t believe that Danny is seven! And what a wonderful day he had! Love those photos!

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