Rite of Passage, not actually a big deal.


If somebody had told me the day Danny was born that there would be a day when it was a really big deal that he got a big boy hair cut, I would have totally not believed them.  Really big deal things back then were whether he was going to live, or have CP, or be able to run around without extra oxygen, or if he was going to be profoundly handicapped…

But here we are, seven years later, and it took a whole family more than a week to decide whether Danny was ready to get rid of his bowl cut.  And this whole week was after probably two months of informal discussion.  Oh, the trauma!  For him, it’s his aversion to the hair-buzzer.  For me, it’s the knowledge that my Danny is leaving the “little boy” category and I only have one child left in that department.

But it’s done.  I can’t decide if he looks more like Brian or Sam.

He says neither.  Danny thinks that if he puts enough gel in his hair, he looks like a sea anemone.   Only Danny.  I sure love that boy.

11 thoughts on “Rite of Passage, not actually a big deal.

  1. He’s got to be the cutest sea anemone there is! I see an Emily “expression”, too!

    You have got to have the most “creative” children around…wonder where they get that from?

    Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Oh what a great picture…really both of them; the first where he is obviously not in to the buzzer and the last where he reveals his new do with the enthusiam only a boy can have! He looks great!

  3. Do sea anemone have beautiful baby seal eyes? Wow, I would not recognize Danny with the new do if I saw him on the street. The first big boy hair cut is a rite of passage for sure.

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