Just you wait. I’m not kidding.

I really and truly am going to get a card reader tomorrow.  There have been too many rites of passage here… Danny has a big boy haircut now (and we BOTH cried…)  And he turns seven today, and Sam is at a dance!  With a very sweet young lady for whom he bought a white rosebud wrist corsage.  Since he needed transportation, he agreed to let me come in and take ONE picture.    It looks good in the back of my camera, but I can’t wait to see it for REAL… and to share it with you.

I’m not kidding.  Pictures tomorrow. Maybe not a lot of words, but enough photos to make up for all of the last week.  Tomorrow, if I can’t go myself, I promise I will ask Dixon to go get a card reader for me.  Yes, I know if I’d just Amazoned it, we’d have solved this trapped-in-the-camera problem ages ago, but I always have this unrealistic confidence that I’m going to have so much energy really, really soon….

So I can tell you “just you wait” for the photos…. but when I tell my babies to wait, and stop growing up so fast, they just never listen.  When I show you Danny’s birthday pictures, I need to show you the picture of Danny’s BIRTH day – seven years ago today – that I pulled out yesterday.  Then we can have a little chat about miracles.

5 thoughts on “Just you wait. I’m not kidding.

  1. Happy Birthday, Danny! Can’t believe he’s seven!

    Hope you get your card reader tomorrow, anxiously awaiting those pictures.


  2. You are a miracle. No wonder your home.is full of more miracles. Happy belated birthday to Danny. Happy belated BIRTHday to you. Hugs for the roller coaster week. Love, esther

  3. Happy Birthday Danny! He is such a sweet, fun loving and incredibly smart little boy. He is definitely a little miracle. I can hardly believe that he is already 7 years old. I remember when he just couldn’t wait to turn 4 so that he could play the violin like his sister and brothers 🙂

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