Either two or five

Yesterday I was driving the kids to violin and I noticed George in the rear view baby mirror, signing really loudly.  Well, I guess you can’t sign loudly, but if you could, what he was doing would certainly be yelling.  “ALL GONE!  EAT!!  HOT!!!  ALL GONE!!!”  I asked the other two boys in his row of seats what he was talking about, and they told me he had a mouth full of fries. 

I should have known.     But I knew for sure we hadn’t done drive-through since our way back from Atlanta, and I really think George actually hadn’t had fries since on our way going to Atlanta on Thursday.  Yuck.  Those fries were either two or five days old.  Oh well, at least they’re “ALL GONE!!!!”

Speaking of yuck, I spent 5.5 hours in the infusion center today, and I’ve decided that chemotherapeutic agents make me feel bad.  I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs today, necessitating even more noxious chemicals.  Usually I feel worse on day two than day one, so I thought I’d be OK tonight, but no such luck.  Sam is serving at our regular Latin Mass tonight, and the big Missa Cantata tomorrow… so maybe I’m getting the worst of the side effects tonight so I can make it up to church tomorrow?  Probably not, but one can always hope. 

I am also hoping that I can get a new card reader tomorrow so that we can get back to the photos.  Dixon or one of the big kids is going to have to go get it for me, though.  I used to take pride in being tough and bouncing right back to work after chemotherapy.  No longer.  I’ve decided that driving and all just isn’t smart until I’m feeling better.  Go ahead and tell me you told me so.  You were right.  And now I’m going back to bed where it is very still and very quiet.  I feel awful.

7 thoughts on “Either two or five

  1. Oh precious friend, I hope you can make it to Ascension today. If you cannot, please don’t berate yourself. Pentecost is coming. 🙂 Love and hugs, Esther

  2. I wish I could do something for you and I hope you were able to have some restful sleep last night.

    Hugs, prayers, and peace to you.

  3. I think George must love “more hots” as much as I do!

    Hope you’re feeling better…you know I’m not to say anything about your resting…you put always put me to shame!

    Lots of hugs and prayers…(and hopefully “more hots” for George!)

  4. Today I thought of you and George. It has been a bad health week. New meds. New hope. But nothing going in the right direction. A friend today said, maybe you are detoxifying. I made a last minute appt and went in with my meds in tow. The doctor chuckled at my characterization of my new fear this week: food, sleep, air, water. She said, oh I think you are actually ‘toxifying’ as in an allergic reaction. Phew. So I will detoxify from meds for a week and start again. In the meantime, on the drive home, my hope elevated AND my appetitie too, I thought of “HOT” and wanted french fries and a burger. I offer up this week for your rest and healing and enjoy my meal with the same pleasure as I imagine George savorying his forgotten treasure. I hope his tummy took it well! Praying in Mpls

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Insomnia for me last night, and no chance of catching up. I feel wiped out, and then I read your post and I imagine feeling a hundred times worse, and I ask God to grant you strength and peace and, yes, whatever good thing you ask of Him in exchange for this gift of suffering which you are giving Him.

    A cyber-hug to George! I hope you have photos again soon, as I miss seeing his little face!

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