Not chess. Yet.

We have been very busy today so far.  I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said we were ALL going to Atlanta – by ALL I meant the seven of us, Sara next door, Susan Flynn and her kids, Danny’s chess coach, Brian’s chess coach, my sister, her husband and their two wonderful boys…. I guess that’s not ALL but it’s still a fun crowd.  LOTS of help for me, and Dixon’s even been able to get some sleep.  Going on vacation with someone who works 9 PM to 6 AM can be a challenge 🙂 .

It can also be a challenge when there’s a little problem with your hotel room.  We ignored it last night because we were so tired by the time we got in.

But when a hotel room is so hot and humid that my glasses are fogged up even when Emily isn’t in the shower, something must be done.

We weren’t sure exactly how hot it was until the hotel guy came with his magic thermostat key – until he checked, all we knew is that it WASN’T the 65 degrees we had it set on.  Turns out there was a big leak in a pipe in the ceiling, and we had to change rooms.

While Dixon was trying to sleep.  Thirty minutes before Brian’s first round started.  Six floors up with elevators FULL of zillions of anxious chess players and their parents… the doors would open and there would be no room for even George.  I’ll tell you what, sometimes all of Danny’s equipment is a bit of a pain.  Thank goodness for big kids who hauled it up all the flights of stairs without a word of complaint.

So anyway, we’re in the new, COOL, room.  Chess is now happening.  Dixon and George are back to sleep, and things are good.   Next time, chess pictures, I promise.

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