Confirmation today

Sam was confirmed today.  It was absolutely beautiful.  His sponsor, David Liberto, who is in charge of the altar servers for MEF, unexpectedly had to work at the hospital today, so Dixon was his proxy. 

I was Thomas Mathis’s sponsor… Thomas is the son of Tom and Danielle, who are George’s godparents.  And it just so happened to work out that Sam and Thomas are so indentically TALL that they (and therefore Dixon and I) got to sit next to each other. 

Not that George cared a whole lot.  Usually we play “pass the baby” all through Mass because he climbs from one person to the next all the way down and back the whole pew.  Today he got passed as each person’s arms got tired.

Our family and the Mathis family shared a wonderful lunch after, with good food and lots of laughter. 

Only Callie could have pulled this joke off on Sam.  Callie is Betsy’s youngest daughter.   She is very blond and very cute and very pretty.  She went up to Sam, who is smart enough to be polite even to much younger girls, and told him that her family brought him a present, and it was supposed to be a secret but she picked it out and it was fairy princess earrings.  Poor Sam.  I could just see the wheels turning in his head, opening the box, trying to think of something nice to say about fairy princess earrings to darling little Callie.

Don’t worry.  It was a St. Michael the Archangel medal.

This made me laugh, too.  Betsy wore HEELS for the occasion.  Very big deal:

The whole day was good.  Except for the fact that my sister had to fly back home.  We’ll see her and her family in a couple of weeks at chess nationals, but it sure was nice to have her here.  She just manages things, KWIM?  Makes life easy and organized for everybody.

Our fine day is over, Dixon’s back at work, and George has his surgery tomorrow.  He was so tired that he fell asleep without his bottle, and of course can’t eat or drink after midnight.  Ugh.  Tomorrow morning might be tough … for lots of reasons.  But if I get stressed and discouraged, all I have to do is think of poor Sam and the fairy princess earrings…. laughter helps many sorts of troubles 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “Confirmation today

  1. Wonderful photos and comments. The joke on Sam was great! Thank you for sharing this important day in his life with us.

    I have been thinking of George, his parents and his medical staff all day today and hoping for the very best.

  2. We’re so sorry that David was not able to attend and fulfill his role as Sam’s sponsor, but I’m very glad to see that all went well. I can’t wait to see how the Holy Spirit will lead Sam! Back when I did a bunch of Confirmation retreats, my friend Kevin (now a seminarian) gave a talk about keeping the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your back pocket, ready to pull out whenever they’re needed. I always liked that image. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos from a beautiful and fun day! May Sam and Thomas always be tuned in to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and may His abundant gifts bless them and strengthen them throughout their lives as they seek to do His will. George has been in my thoughts and prayers today.

  4. I heard from your mom that George’s surgery went well. Yippee! The confimation pictures are wonderful. I love the one of George sleeping peacefully through all the spirit filled moments. When I taught Confirmation, I always told my students that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were wonderful special presents, but they had to be opened in order for them to work in their lives. Putting them on a shelf in the closet serves no purpose. Ooen your gifts; open your hearts!

    Betsy, you did that pair of heels proud! Praying for your appointments this week, Elizabeth. Love and prayers and peace and hope.

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