It’s quiet here.

Dixon worked all night, but interrupted his day’s sleep to take Brian to the first of three soccer games this weekend.  My sister, Jane, who flies in at noon, will take him to # 2, and Sara will take him to # 3 tomorrow morning.  If they make the playoffs, we will all do rock paper scissors to see who has to drive.

Emily and Danny are at Ecole du Samedi – the Saturday school for French expats – and they’ll be there until just in time for lunch.

Sam and his friends are walking in the Walk for Life, a fundraising walk for a local crisis pregnancy center, at Freedom Park.  I didn’t know until this morning that he was doing this… 14 year old boys never fail to mystify me.

So George and I are here, and since both of us are quiet people, it’s practically silent in my house.  We’re taking advantage of the empty space and the solitude to practice standing up.

And falling down.  And standing up again.  George never seems to get discouraged.  Maybe I should learn from his example 🙂 .

Tomorrow is Conformation.  Monday is George’s surgery.  Perhaps I need to take advantage of the quiet while it lasts, because it might not be quiet around here again for a LONG time!

10 thoughts on “It’s quiet here.

  1. I love, love, love the photos and the determination on his face! How proud he is of himself and your silence is over now for sure since walking can’t be too far behind – tee hee! I know you will enjoy having your sister there as I sure do the same with mine. Have a wonderful weekend and Monday will soon be behind George.

    I will be smiling for the rest of the day from seeing his adorable face.

  2. George is such a handsome little guy!! I love that he never gives up trying to stand. He must be such a joy in your lives. 😀 I love the pictures. I definitely think you should enjoy the quiet while you can. Sounds like you have a busy, yet fun weekend ahead!

  3. George just makes me smile from the inside out! What a photagrapher you are! Enjoy your peace and quiet. Continued prayers are coming.

  4. What we all need to learn from George:it’s not how many times you fail; it’s not giving up until you succeed. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the wonderful pictures. Thank you also for your last post letting us know that even though you are still exhausted, you still have the stamina and drive to be “just a mama”. And what a wonderful mama you are. Spending one on one time with each of your wonderful children is a gift both given and received. Prayers for George for his surgery and for your appointments. Much love.

  5. The pictures of George are precious. You are so talented and such a dedicated mother – really inspiring. I will be praying for you both as George’s surgery approaches.

  6. Look at Gorgeous George! It looks a bit like he’s dancing in the photos.

    Relish the quiet time with your little guy. I haven’t had too many of those moments since I was having them with my first baby!

    I remember taking Una and Sebastian to Freedom Park to feed ducks and picnic there. And dodge rollerbladers.

    Keeping you all in my prayers.

  7. I’m always keeping you and the family in prayer.
    George is amazing!! such joy as he is working on standing up!! you just want to squeeze him.
    Will say some extra prayers for him (& you) ~ I know how hard surgery for the little one can be on mama.
    love & hugs to you all

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