Just a regular mama night

Hi, friends.  It’s been a LONG time.  Last night, when I saved up energy and took extra medicine and used up every bit of strength I had to give the kids “just a regular mama night” made me realize that it’s been such a LONG time that I’ve been unable to do things that  “mama on the sofa” has pretty much become the new normal around here.

What was special about yesterday?  Absolutely nothing.  Just regular stuff.  Driving Emily and a friend to the library.  Taking Brian to the grocery store, letting him pick out a movie from the Red Box machine.  Cooking dinner, nothing special, just chicken and corn casserole and vegetables.  Doing dishes with the kids, then making popcorn for the big kids while they watched their movie and I kept George and his loud toys out of their way so they could actually hear the dialogue. 

Sometimes I just want to pretend that things are totally fine, KWIM?  And last night was good for that. 

But you know, the “new normal” of a mom who can’t do much is OK in some ways, too.  I’ve had more time talking one-on-one with each of my kids lately than I ever have.   They all like it when they see that the spot next to me in my bed is empty… climbing in, claiming their favorite covers and a reading pillow and just chatting or going over schoolwork, doing narrations, sharing my ipod headphones to see what I’m listening to.  Except Danny doesn’t chat, Danny reads to me.  Hours and hours of reading. 

This next few days are busy:  my sister is coming (Thank God.  I am SO looking forward to spending time with her and she’s the kind of person who just jumps right in and manages things 🙂 ) and Brian has a big soccer tournament and Sam has confirmation.  We’re having a lunch after the confirmation along with the Mathis family… I’m Thomas’s sponsor, which brings me such joy.  But don’t worry… we’re having the lunch totally catered.  All I have to do is walk from the church over to the activity building.  

But then Monday George is having his fifth surgery.  That’s a LOT of operations for one little guy.  They’re working on his right ear and doing a nasopharyngoscopy and likely will take his adenoids out.  He has laryngomalacia, and needs his tonsils out so badly (even when not infected, they meet in the middle and push his uvula over) but tonsilectomy is just a really risky surgery before age 3.  So we’re going to try to wait. 

While we’re talking about next week’s schedule, it’s a busy one for me medically, too.  I see the un-pain guy for a thoracic epidural for the nerve damage in my arm, and I see the rheumatologist… we had thought the last couple rounds of chemotherapy would quiet down my arthritis, but no such luck… so he and the oncologist have to cook up another plan.

Oh, and I saw the endocrinologist last week – the guy who’s managing the adrenal pituitary stuff.  He thinks we’ve made very little progress, but I guess we knew that already. 

I think that’s all the news… when you spend most of your time resting or sleeping not much news actually happens.  But hold George in prayer Monday… he’s awfully little to be having his fifth surgery, he’s tough to get an IV started on, and we all love him so much that it breaks our hearts when he doesn’t feel good.

I promise more frequent updates, and maybe even photos from confirmation.  And if I can’t post, I’m sure I can get Emily to take care of it.  Oh!  I have to have her post a link to a really cool calculus/physics video she made.  Or maybe Sam knows how to stick videos into the blog… let me call him over here and ask him.

17 thoughts on “Just a regular mama night

  1. Elizabeth…..So glad to hear from you. You seem a little stronger and certainly more able to be a “mom.” i THINK OF YOU EVERY DAY. MY PRAYERS ARE FOR LITTLE GEORGE….MARY ELLEN

  2. Elizabeth, I look every day for an update on your blog. I will pray for your little man and for you. I feel ashamed that I have felt so burdened lately when I am able to face some recent challenges while in good health. I am inspired by you and your family. May God bless you!

  3. Mary Ellen just said it all…just know that you’re loved and keep enjoying those kids…and your sister, too! I love when mine comes to visit!

    Lots of prayers for you and George!

  4. I am so glad you finally had the energy to post to us. Unlike most people who follow/enjoy/learn/support/pray for you and your family through the blog, some of us are blessed to live near your parents and sister so we still get updates and all the grands (here and there) get bragging time too. Please know, however, that does not keep us from looking to see if you have posted.

    George will be in my prayers and so will you and the rest of your family. Emily continues to be in my prayers while we are waiting to hear about the decision for her junior and senior years – so don’t forget to let us know either way, cuz’ we are proud of her no matter what the outcome.

    As always, peace, prayers and patience to you. I think it is actually awesome that you have gotten to spend such quality one-on-one time with your kids. That is a blessing itself.

    P.S. Can someone tell me how to make my quilt block square that appears when we post some color other than grey? Elizabeth – your Mom was no help – tee hee!

  5. Teri, Can’t tell you how I get a spiffy quilt block. It just happens auto-magically. (Unless I try to post from my phone. Then the posts never appear, let alone appear with a gray quilt block!) Esther P in RI

  6. How wonderful to read your post today. Prayers continue for you all and especially for sweet George. He has been through a lot in his young life.

    Enjoy your visit with Jane. So glad she can spend some time with you. Loved to read about your one-on-one time with the kids. How special that must be.


  7. I have been so worried about you and sent so many prayers your way. I pray for little George and for your whole family. It is a blessing that they are so supportive and comforting when you are not feeling well. Enjoy your visit with your sister, she will bring you lots of fun!

  8. Glad to see a post from you again. It’s been a while time since you had the energy to update all your loving, loyal followers. Short posts are ok, just let us know how you are, and how George does with this latest surgery.

  9. Elizabeth,
    Sending lots of love and prayers from Virginia to you and Dixon and the kids. We think of you every day.
    Thanks for taking time and energy to post, and sharing your stories with your friends and readers!
    Moira and Rob

  10. Good to see your post! Enjoy your time with your sister and the confirmation. Will keep you and yours in prayer–especially for the surgery and doctor visits.

  11. You all are always in my prayers. How exciting to be a confirmation sponsor. In my mind, it really is a time when the person/child being confirmed begins to enter adult faith. I am specifically praying for a nice big,fat, bulging vein for George’s IV on Monday. I so enjoy his pictures. He brings smiles to many beyond your house.

  12. so glad to “see” you again, elizabeth! congratulations on sam’s confirmation.

    we pray for you every day, and will of course pray for george and his care team. we love you and your whole family and hope to visit sometime before summer is over.

    love, rowena___.

  13. Elizabeth, welcome back to blogland, we missed you. Will absolutely keep George in my thoughts and you are always there. Enjoy the sliver linings – they have their own beauty.

  14. Just want you to know how special you are to your blog friends. It is good to hear your thoughts on daily living and how it is for you. Pray for you all the time. You have such a nice family. Keep resting as much as you can and take good care of yourself.

  15. My last delivery (almost 9 years ago!) resulted in Sheehan’s symdrome. One of the drugs that’s greatly increased my quality of life has been recombinant growth hormone. I started using it about 4 years when my endochronologist noticed that I had fairly suddenly gotten osteoporosis and high cholesterol. But I had noticed that I progressively became unable to exercise much(I got winded so easily); I didn’t have a lot of energy; my night vision was terrible; and I became anxious and slightly depressed. Also, my skin was so dry and my nails were cracking (which hurt!).
    I know some docs think HGH can make tumors grow, but I think the only proof to date is the condition of having too much HGH (acromegaly, I think). We’re Catholic too, and I pray for you. God bless, Julie

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