Just because he’s eleven…

Brian turned eleven on the fifteenth… of course, being Brian’s birthday, we didn’t have eleven matching candles on hand and had to improvise and turn three candles into an XI… and of course, being Brian, he didn’t feel slighted in the least. 

And, of course, being Brian, he had a great day all around, because Brian pretty much always has great days.  He’s just one of those kind of kids.

However, just because he’s eleven now, I don’t want you to think that he’s all grown up.  Today was a major milestone for both of us.

This weekend, which is a work weekend for Dixon, Brian plays in a big soccer tournament in Charleston, SC.  Now that he’s moved past challenge-level teams, they play all over the place.  I had every intention before this whole adrenal problem to take all the kids there for the weekend.  Guess what?  I’m just not strong enough.

So Brian is driving down with one of the other guys on his team and his family.  Just because he’s eleven now he thinks he can be so independent 🙂 ! 

OK, well, maybe now that he’s eleven HE can be independent, but I’m 43 and I’m not.  I am happy to publicly acknowledge that I need my children and I much prefer having them close to me rather than letting them pack their own suitcases and sports gear and take off for soccer tournaments without me. 

What in the world am I going to do if Emily gets accepted to the math and science school????

14 thoughts on “Just because he’s eleven…

  1. I am so sorry you did not get to take Brian. Hard times right now. I remember when my son was 10 or 11 I had to ask an elderly lady from our church to take our son to his ball games. Sometimes if they were in town I was able to drive there but had to lay down on the seat because my head hurt so much. This went on for at least one season maybe more. I still feel bad about it. But we do the best we can at the time and God blesses us for that.

  2. Just have to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!!!

    You are doing a great job raising those amazing and independent children of yours… just rest up this weekend and take care of yourself, okay?

    Wow, Brian is 11!

    Hugs and prayers!

  3. You are raising wonderful children! Take care of yourself.

    And if Emily gets accepted into the Math & Science School, you will handle that too! You will help her pack, or just watch her pack. Give her a hug and drive her to school. You will send her care packages and welcome her home for weekends, vacations and any other time she needs you.

    Hugs and Prayers.

  4. Happy Birthday Brian! Cool idea for the XI Emily! Next year, do the candles in binary!

    Elizabeth-when Emily goes away to NCCSM (or college), you’ll be in touch a LOT more than you think; at least we felt it went that way about Julie. This is thanks in large part to all the easy techno ways to connect, but also to the fact that she’ll want to talk to you because of the kind of Mom you are.

  5. Happy birthday to Brian! Good luck in the soccer tournament. Way to go, mama, for letting him go while you rest. (((Elizabeth))).


  6. WHEN Emily gets accepted to her Science HS, you will pat yourself on the back for being the kind of mother who is able to make those very hard parenting decisions that are in the best interests of their children. Then you will get on the internet and find the both of you the best possible deal on a Friends and Family type cell phone package. 🙂 (This is from a mom who has been blessed to send four daughters away to college.)

    PS Emily – you might want to start looking at phones now!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Brian! I hope the tournament was successful and that you did well.

    Emily, your adaptation was so much more interesting than 11 ordinary birthday cake candles! 🙂

    Elizabeth, you will be bursting with pride when Emily is accepted, then you will help help her pack, drive her to school, cry on the way home and then you will adjust. You are lucky that today’s technology will allow all of you to stay in touch more often and easier than any other time in history. You might even ‘really talk’ with her more than if she were going to school in Charlotte.

    Hugs and prayers.

  8. Precious Elizabeth, keep your head where your feet are. Best advice any one ever gave me and so now I pass it along to you. Today’s worries are sufficient unto today. Let tomorrow’s worries be tomorrow’s worries.
    Luke 12:22-34

    Brian – happy birthday and I Hope the Tournament Went Very Well!

    Emily, Great job on the XI.

  9. Hello Elizabeth,
    Today I received a blog award called the Sunshine Blog Award. I must pass it on to 12 other bloggers. I love your blog, although I don’t know that I have commented on it as I am kind of shy — although I am learning that commenting is not as hard as I thought lol.

    Anyway, your blog is one of the ones I picked- it inspires me, and is always one of the ones I return to.

    To pick up the blog award, please visit my blog at: http://tryingtolivemyfaith.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

    Sincerely, Peggy

  10. Happy Birthday Brian! I can’t believe he is already 11 years old! I very clearly remember starting him on the violin when he was 4. He could harldy wait until he was 4 so that he could play like his big brother and sister. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since then!

    Great idea for the candles on the cake Emily! Knowing Brian, I’m sure he thought that was really cool.

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