Two people.

Two people are in Durham tonight.

Emily has a bed.

I have a bed.

Two people, two beds.  This is amazing.

You would never believe how quiet it is in here.  The hum of the air conditioner, occasionally the nearly silent turn of a page.  That’s all.  I got to choose whether to drive Emily here for her day tomorrow or to stay home with four boys.  I definitely made the right decision.  I have my books and my knitting, along with a pillow and my best quilt so that I can just rest in the van. 

Oh, gosh, I almost forgot to tell you why we’re here.  We are here because tomorrow is the final hurdle on Emily’s quest to gain admission to the North Carolina School of Science and Math, a public residential high school in Durham, NC. 

If she gets in, she’ll be moving up here (along with a large percentage of her friends 🙂 ) in August.  If she doesn’t, our whole family will be secretly relieved.   We won’t find out until April 12, but I promise to post again before then.  As soon as I’ve recovered from re-entry into a house filled with loud boys.

3 thoughts on “Two people.

  1. What a lovely weekend! And I admire you so deeply as a mother to be encouraging your lovely daughter to pursue this opportunity, despite that she is a major help and a comfort to have at home. I don’t say this lightly that your action reminds me of those of St. Louis Martin. Truly.

  2. Ooops, sorry, he’s not sainted (yet!). However, I don’t know of a more saintly parent and he was the one who lived and rejoiced to sacrifice all of his daughters to the Church.

  3. Goober – if you end up secretly relieved, your secret is already out there!

    Just recently someone told me he was my secret admirer. He’s a goober, too. For now I know the secret! HA!

    I think prayers to Katherine Drexel are in order. (I think you still have that video if you’ve forgotten about her.)

    Love and hugs, and inquiring minds want to know what precisely you’re knitting there in Durham!

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