Message from Emily

Hello everyone, it’s Emily.  For a while now my mom’s been feeling really crummy, and we finally figured out why:  she has adrenal insufficiency.  (I think that’s lack of adrenaline) That’s why she can’t post today. 

We’ve gotten tons of anxious calls, and thank you for those.  I think right now though, Mom needs to rest.  She doesn’t have enough time for that, with five kids going five opposite ways and Dad working at night.  Right now Brian is in Asheville with Dad at a soccer tournament, Sam is hiking in the mountains with Boy Scouts, and after helping her teach our Faith Formation class I’m leaving for Odyssey of the Mind practice (possibly with a little brother under my arm…).

Thanks you for the thoughts and well-wishes, as always.  We’re blessed to have people like you who care about us. 


14 thoughts on “Message from Emily

  1. emily, THANK YOU for the update. i was holding off making a call until later today. please know that we pray for your mother and the whole family every day.

    much love to you, dear girl, and to all your sweet family.

    rowena___. (and ella, who asks about every one of you by name all the time).

  2. Emily thank you for letting us know. Bren we are praying for you. Asking God to give you rest and strength – all that you need and more. I’m hoping you have friends near by to bring in meals. When I was so sick it was a huge blessing to have someone at the door with food. Sometimes they even left it outside the door in a cooler if I was sleeping. Many blessings and much prayer for you.

  3. Thanks for the update–I’ve been wondering. Adrenal problems are miserable–I have a sister with severe Adrenal problems–so I have a small idea. I wish I was closer so that I could drive you kids all over.
    Keeping all of you in prayer.

  4. THANK YOU, Emily, for the update. We sure appreciate that you and Sam both have the ability to post when your Mom is unable to do so. Thank you for all that you do for your Mom and all the guys in your house and good luck with the OM practice, too.

    I talked to your Nana for just a minute yesterday but you helped me understand better why your Mom has not been able to post.

    My thoughts and prayers will continue for you and your family.

  5. Dear Emily,
    Thanks so much for updating us on your Mom. You don’t know me. I live in Florida and have been reading your Mom’s blog for several months. I pray for her and your family. She is just an incredible woman. I honestly don’t know how she does all she does AND also keep up such good spirits. I was getting concerned since we had not heard from her. Please let her know we send much love and warmth from Florida and I hope she will be feeling better soon. Many Blessings!

  6. Hey Emily,
    I always knew your family was very special, from the very first time you and your mom walked into my scrapbook store… ( think paperdolls!)

    You all have no idea what inspirations you are!

    Thank you for taking such good care of your mom and those little brothers…have I mentioned just how special you are!… and Talented as well!!!

    We all really appreciate the updates from you… and Sam!

    Lots of Love, Prayers and Hugs!

  7. I’ve only met you once, Emily, but I hear about you a lot. What a great family you have and what a wonderful job you’re all doing. I pray for you all every day.

  8. Thankyou Emily for letting us know how you are all getting on. While there were no posts from your Mum, I have been praying especially for you all from England! I will ask Our Lady today for some relief for Elizabeth from her tiredness. God Bless you all.

  9. Emily, as one of the people who convinced one of the anxious callers to call, Thank You for the update.
    Elizabeth, praying extra hard.

    Sweet Jesus, You came down from the Cross and touched St. Peregrine’s leg, immediately healing his cancer. Sweet Jesus, please touch Elizabeth. We ask You this with all faith that healing her of this cancer at this time is within Your Power. Wonderful Jesus, we see bitty miracles all around us every day and sometimes fail to notice them or give You credit. Please help us to see more miracles and please heal Elizabeth from every infirmity she gracefully and faithfully endures at this time. Amen.

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