isoflavones and lymphedema

please forgive the no caps and the typos…. i’ve not had to keyboard onehanded since george was first learning how to nurse…..

since starting at the lymphedema clinic, i’ve been wearing this new bandage contraption (see above.  it’s totally huge.)  24 hours a day, except when they are actually working on me while i’m there.   needless to say, it has motivated me to do lot of research into what’s new and exciting in lymphedema treatment.   the coolest thing i’ve read sp far has been all about free flap lymph node transfers…. when reconstructive surgeons take a chunk of inguinal nodes and transplant them to under your arm.  right now i’m not up for any surgery, but maybe someday…. it’s still kind of new anyway, perhaps they can practice on lots of other people first.

then i read that isoflavones can help your body build new lymph pathways.  mostly we consume isoflavones from soy, but they’re found in blackberries, too.  and kudzu.

no doubt the sugar and the bad fats in cobbler totally counteract any benefits from the trace amounts of isoflavones, but oit was on sale and is good for my mrntal health, which needs all the help it can get.  lymphedema clinic and this new cast/bandage are really hard. 

but at least i have an excuse not to do housework.   this is good since emily has turned the bathroom into her video studio.

she’s gome from main lesson books to main lesson videos.  check out her website:  

but evn if she’s become a cool videographer, she’s going to have to wash the bathroom wall herself 🙂 !

8 thoughts on “isoflavones and lymphedema

  1. I bet you can find flash frozen blackberries too. Mmmmmm!

    Aren’t you now over the half-way point of going to the clinic? If so, then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Are the staff at the clinic pleased with their results so far?

  2. I know a secret about isoflavones! No, I’m not telling. You can beg, you can whine, you can fuss. But no, I’m not telling. >;-)

  3. Just saying ‘hello’, as I’m trying to catch up on your blog! Thank you for sharing all your news and such inspiring stories about your family.

  4. Just wanted to know if you’ve “convinced” Esther to tell you her secret?

    Checked on Emily’s studyguides…what a creative kid! (Wonder where all that creativity comes from…?) I was also impressed when she did check to make sure she used washable markers! Great job, Emily!

    Hope things are going good for you and I feel the same as Katherine…Thanks for sharing!

    Love, hugs and prayers!

  5. Bren,
    Can George sleep with one of the newer baby monitors under him an alarm goes off if his breathing isn’t right? I’ve had to stay awake at night like you all have been doing in shifts and that’s so hard.

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