There was a house…

There was a house, a napping coughing house, where everyone was sleeping wheezing…

Actually, not all wheezing.  Brian and Dixon seem to be fine, and George and I also have tonsillitis.  The hardest part of the whole thing is that George is having sleep apnea… children with Downs have little airways and any swelling is therefore a big problem.  Up until now he’s been our best sleeper ever… but we are now on day 9 of taking shifts with him at night.

Everybody but George got to escape the napping  coughing house to play in the snow, though.  The big kids and their friends were out in it by 7:15 yesterday morning… I will be forever grateful to Betsy and Sara who anticipated this problem and had brought over a big sausage pie and a big box of hot chocolate…. they must have known we’d be serving breakfast to lots of coughing  cold children.

I think I am also grateful that it only snows once a year here.   What do moms who have a child with CP do when they have to put boots over braces?  I sent Danny out in somebody else’s outgrown shoes and no braces, but that wouldn’t work if it were a daily thing… and it’s hard enough to deal with shoes and braces… I can’t imagine BOOTS!  But many, many moms somehow manage it gracefully every day.  Not me 🙂 .

Various updates:  310 hats project:  I’ve got more than a DOZEN boxes of yarn packed to go!!!  They’ll go to the post office as soon as the roads aren’t icy.  For the people who are going to knit hats but don’t need yarn, I’ll email you tonight or tomorrow with the sizes and the mailing address for the finished hats.

Lymphedema clinic:  This is HARD.  I truly thought I was at the very limit of my tolerance on Friday.  Just couldn’t take any more.  Then I got tonsillitis.  Ugh.  I’m thinking about having friends drive me to the clinic this week and next so that I can take extra pain medicine before I go…

Late breaking news from the Napping  Coughing House:  Schoolschool for tomorrow is cancelled already.  I can’t decide whether to be happy because everybody will be home with me where they belong, or distressed because the snow day dance will continue:  Put on your coat, hat, gloves, dry socks and shoes.  Go out the front door.  Play hard and get wet.  Come in the back door.  Trail wet garments through family room through to kitchen.  Get cocoa and/or soup.  Find dry coat, dry hat, dry gloves, dry socks and dry shoes.  Go out the front door….

6 thoughts on “There was a house…

  1. Painkillers before Lymphedema clinic sounds like a great idea. Hubby did the same when he had to had PT for his broken back; it helped him get through all his exercises.

  2. Think all the way back to when you were a child and lived in Northern states where it snowed more than one day a year. I think it must have been a mom who invented the clothes dryer – tee hee! Hopefully you will get some more wonderful photos of your kids in the snow today and maybe even George can go out for a few minutes.

    I think the painkillers and drivers sounds like a very good idea as well. Maybe another friend can run the dryer for the kids while you are gone. 🙂

  3. Poor George. I’ve never seen him looking so pathetic. How are you doing with your tonsillitis? Gone? Almost gone?

    The snow pictures of the kids are wonderful, but I can imagine the work involved.

    Painkillers and drivers sound like a grand plan to me, too for your next treatments.

    Does Sam get the day off when schoolschool is cancelled?

    Love and prayers

  4. I love your blog! I had to comment on the brace issue. I wear a leg brace myself, because of Muscular Dystrophy, and live in Nova Scotia, Canada, where you guessed it, we get lots of snow. Boots are the worst! I can’t wear a pull on boot because I can’t get my foot into it. Since I have almost no control of the foot, I buy a lace up boot that laces way down the foot towards the toes. That means, my brace sits in, and my foot slides into the boot like a dream. Then, I lace it up tight, and away I go. I had to wear an old pair of boots this year that are not nearly warm enough, because I wasn’t able to find a replacement pair. All the boots around here for women, are these stylish fuzzy boots that are totally impractical, and have no laces in sight.

    I hope everyone is feeling better!!

  5. Oh, look at poor little George! It looks sore there under his nose…my little ones get that with every cold, too.

    I know what you mean about kids and snow. It takes longer to dress and undress them than the time they actually spend outdoors. Then you are left with a heap of wet clothes dripping melting snow, and a heap of kids saying, “Can we have hot chocolate now?”

    I’ve been sleepless with Gemma, who is suddenly on a nighttime nursing marathon. Thought it couldn’t get much worse, and then she and I both got colds…

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