When the phone rings at 8 AM

The kids and I leave for Faith Formation at 8:30, so I was running around finding 10 shoes and getting George’s clothes ready so that Dixon could meet us at 10:30 Mass…  but anyway, when the phone rings early Sunday morning, it’s natural to assume it’s bad news. 

Not this time!  It was Susan F. (who knew that we would all be up and running around 🙂 ) calling to tell us to look at our newspaper.  Remember the chess tournament the kids were in last weekend?  Or maybe I didn’t tell you about that one… I guess with everything medical going on, I’ve been leaving some little gaps  (OK, leaving gaping craters….) in the blog lately.

Anyway, there’s Danny, with the headline:  Champions of the Chess Board .  Which he wasn’t – a champion, I mean – but it was still a good tournament, Sam got a nice trophy, even though he had to take a half point bye to go to a basketball game,  and Brian played well.  Danny had SUCH a good time at Faith Formation and Mass this morning, since everybody seemed to have seen his picture and wanted to tell him about it. 

I think that’s a GREAT reason for the phone to ring at 8 AM on a Sunday, don’t you?

8 thoughts on “When the phone rings at 8 AM

  1. WHAT A WONDERFUL TREAT!!! I hope every neighbor and friend saves you a copy and that you immediately laminate and frame one and that you put other copies into each kids’ scrap book.

  2. Awesome! Yup, having your child on the front page of the paper/section is worth an early phone call any day of the week. What a fun day for Danny.

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