another day, another visit to the hospital

yesterday i had my follow up chest scans.  today, when i walked into admitting to do the paperwork to get a totally unforseen and unrelated duplex doppler study of my neck and left arm, the admitting lady asked me,  “weren’t you just here for radiology yesterday?”

i held up my really big swollen red-spotted left arm to show her – it seemed easier than trying to explain – and she said, “Oh my gosh, did they do that to you?”

no, they didn’t.   but it was funny at the time.   guess you had to be there.

anyway, you all know that this arm of mine has been nothing but trouble since my first mastectomy… but today takes the cake.   i woke up this morning with bad swelling and spots, so i saw the surgeon, got bloodwork done and got the doppler study.

all we know for sure so far is:

  •  that there isn’t a blood clot,
  • that i don’t type well with one hand,
  • that it’s still getting worse
  • and that it would have been much more fun to go out for lunch with danielle like we’d planned. 

we’re assuming it has something to do with being immunosuppressed or the new chemo drugs or something.   so i’ll see one more doctor in the morning and the surgeon again in the afternoon.  unless the first guy fixes it, in which case i’ll be perfectly happy to not see the surgeon.   not that he’s not a great guy and all, but you understand…

oh.  i learned one more thing.  it’s not physically possible to take a photograph of your own left elbow with a nikon d200 with a long lens.  sorry.  so instead here’s a photo i’ve been promising danielle for like two years…. the only thing it has to do with today’s excitement is that i was at the hospital at noon instead of out for lunch with danielle, whose husband is in the picture.  but it looks way better than my arm anyway 🙂

4 thoughts on “another day, another visit to the hospital

  1. Even more thoughts, prayers and hugs coming your way!

    I think Sam or Emily need to keep a camera handy to take pictures of you TRYING to take a picture of your arm… you are just too much, Elizabeth!

    Take care!

    Love ya!

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