Blog posts in my head and in my camera

I got behind, and now I’m stuck.  I have SO many blog posts stacked up in my brain waiting to get typed into the computer with all their corresponding photos that need to be cropped and resized and all… and then it seems like every day something new comes up that I’m so excited to share with you… but I can’t post that one until I’m done with the day before, which didn’t get done for various reasons.

On my list:

  • A cookie party, and the ministry of the friend who brought it
  • Christmas mass adventures and the nativity play
  • Christmas itself (and how it worked out to have Dixon have to work the 24th, 25th and 26th)
  • Our family vacation with Nana, Papa, Jane, AJ, David and Nicholas at the Great Wolf Lodge
  • Sam’s return to NC
  • Sam’s 14th birthday
  • Jessica (violin teacher) is moving! 
  • Friends of ours who are stuck in Ecuador who need just the right person to help them.

See!  And ALL those things have stories (some happy, some sad) and often funny things to share, and there are some wonderful photos.

But today, we’ll talk about today.  Then maybe every other day I can do one from the list… like alternating… and we’ll get caght up. 

Today George went for his surgery follow up for his ears.  Because the surgeon was worried about his hearing on the right, just from playing with it in his office, rather than sending us over to schedule to come back for his audiology appointment in a few weeks like we usually do, he walked us right over and bumped us in front of all the waiting people.

His left ear is better than before surgery.  He can hear low frequency noises at a normal volume, and higher frequency tones almost normally.

His right ear is not good.  The hearing is actually much worse than the last time they tested… perhaps 7 months ago, not just before this last operation.  He can only hear very loud low and midrange noises, and they couldn’t be certain he has any speech discrimination (that’s being able to tell between different words) even at the loudest levels.

So we’re going to recheck it in exactly two weeks. 

Meanwhile, tomorrow I have my follow up chest CT.  It’s possible that I’ll have some results Friday, but it will likely take a week or more for everybody concerned to come up with a plan about what to do unless it’s all perfectly normal.  I guess during that week I can get caught up on the list from up top 🙂  But also tomorrow, the MEF is being offered for my intentions (Thanks, Lisa!!!) …. isn’t it amazing how her special timing always works out???

I’ll let you know about the CT as soon as I know anything.  I promise.

4 thoughts on “Blog posts in my head and in my camera

  1. Hugs.

    May I humbly suggest that you call Gallaudet University and order some Baby Signs books. Keep it simple. Sign totally easy basic stuff as you speak. Milk, more, cookie, want, up… these are simple words that will help greatly with communication. You don’t have to worry about grammar, nor knowing every word in the sign language vocabulary. You simply want to communicate in a way that George CAN imitate. It’ll ward off huge amounts of frustration for all of you. Few things are more tragic than the meltdowns that are inevitable when communication breaks down. Pointing to a cupboard and signing “cookie” or “cracker” is so much more valuable than simply crying inconsolably from hunger that is not sated by hugs or music or sweet words or paint or crayons or TV….

  2. I am sure with your “community” of friends, like Esther, you will have a plan for George in no time. It’s amazing how much babies “sign”, but most of us aren’t aware, until we see it in action.

    I just want to say you “Thank You” again, for this wonderful place where I can check on you, laugh, sometimes cry, and love, right along with all your friends…plus LEARN from all the lessons you so innocently teach! (Oh, and you already know how I love your photography!)

    Take care and stay warm…I know everyone who have your socks are putting them to good use in this cold weather!

    Hugs, prayers and love!

  3. Hmmm, Christmas, church, Dixon work schedule, family coming down, a trip with all the family to a fun place, everyone back at your house,Sam’s birthday, etc. etc…… no wonder you have not been able to take the time to blog. I did miss it and your stories, thoughts, photos, etc. but you had your priorities in the right place and we completely understand. 🙂

    We will look forward to your updates, when you have time, and will be praying for you and George. May the new year be a wonderful journey on many levels for you, your family, your support groups, your doctors, and all of your friends.

  4. Happy New Year!!! Wow!!! You have been very busy! I hope your holiday’s were great! We look forward to hearing about your updates! Love the picture of George! Precious!

    Hugs and many prayers,

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