“explain THIS ONE” part two…

I thought I was confused.  Susan F. had picked me up from chemotherapy, and we had stopped to have soup and a sandwich for lunch… knowing that if I didn’t marshall my energies to get some nutrition right then, it would be a while…  I had a tough day at the infusion center, they had to give me too much medicine, and I was exhausted and felt bad.

Then she drove me home.  We passed St. Ann’s, turned onto our street, drove down the hill.  I thought it was really nice that there were pretty lights on the pine tree just past that juniper. 

Wait a minute.  The juniper is the first tree in our yard.  Then come the crepe myrtles.  I must really be confused.  That’s OK, they gave me so much medicine, I know it messes up my brain.  This is why I don’t drive myself back and forth to chemotherapy.

Just a minute.  Maybe I’m not confused.  Maybe there IS an extra tree in our yard, and maybe it does have lights on it.   “Hey, Susan, do you see that tree?”  (hoping she says yes…. if she doesn’t see the tree, that means I’m having hallucinations or something.  I know mega-steroids can give you hallucinations… but gosh, that tree looked real.  It wasn’t there this morning, though.  Or at least I don’t think it was there this morning.)

Reality:  There was a lit, decorated tree on my front lawn.  Really.  The plans had been in the works for a while, I’ve heard, but some of the details required a little help from the St. Ann’s staff and Sara as late as the morning of…  Susan told me MOST of the story eventually, but then I kept hearing little bits from her co-conspirators….

Have I ever told you I have the best friends in the whole world?  Even when I feel  too crummy to be social, even when I’m too lazy to put up a tree, even when I’m too tired to talk on the phone…. 

Emily took this last picture… I think it’s neat how it shows her (wearing MY Sock Summit hoodie) in the ornament AND our house behind her.    Then Dixon and the kids eventually moved the tree indoors, right in front of the nursery window (which actually isn’t a nursery, it’s Sam, Brian and Danny’s room… but that’s another story… ) because I like having the tree in the front of the house where the lights shine through the windows, and they like having the tree in their room because it’s especially cool on Christmas morning.    It’s also nice to have it in a room with a door that George can’t open 🙂  Yet.

I keep walking in there just to look at it, and to take a moment to be thankful.   I’ve got so much to be grateful for… and I sure love my tree.

11 thoughts on ““explain THIS ONE” part two…

  1. I would say you blogged that just fine. Your friends created a surprise of kindness for you and your family and I thank them too. Their kindness brought tears to my eyes, but I am smiling at the fun they must have had pulling off this caper.

    You are truly blessed to have such thoughtful friends. May the spirit of that friendship wrap you in comfort and joy this holiday season and beyond.

    P.S. Give yesterday’s birthday boy an extra hug today from Nana and Papa’s friend. We put our tree in the playpen one year to protect both it and our son.

  2. No confusion here in Kalamazoo. Your story made perfect sense to me – an awesome gift for an amazing woman and her family! Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Beautiful!
    Now if only you had a dusting of postcard-pretty but not-treacherous snow to go along with it. Can your miracle-working friends arrange a postcard-pretty but safe White Christmas for you, too?

  4. What special friends you have! (I’m sure they feel the same about you, too!)

    So glad you’re enjoying your tree and I’m feeling grateful you have such a special family and friends to take such good care of you!

  5. Isn’t that wonderful? I have discovered what special friends I have as well. Friendship is a great blessing and one of those treasures we can take with us when we leave this world…

    Looking at a decorated Christmas tree always makes me feel like a kid again. It has an instant tranquilizing effect and brings joy to my heart.

    I hope you’ll be feeling well for Christmas. You’ve my prayers and best wishes.

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