How are you going to blog this one?

The kids had their Christmas violin recital over the weekend.  It was not boring.

Somewhat stressful, but not boring.

Danny in particular has made such nice progress over the semester.  Playing the violin is a challenge for him – cerebral palsy and the multiple fine and gross motor demands of making music seem incompatible to me some days.

But he had a solo piece from Suzuki book 1 and a Christmas duet with another little first grader.  He was SO excited, because this was the first recital he was playing in that he could really support his violin on his shoulder without a big modified holder thing (or a mom sitting on the floor next to him helping him hold his instrument up 🙂 )

Brian and Emily also played their newest polished Suzuki piece and a Christmas song.  It seemed so strange to have a recital without Sam… and he didn’t even bring his violin to Michigan, so he’s going to have LOTS of catching up to do when he gets back.

But anyway, here’s what happened that made Mrs. Driggs tell me that she was looking forward to seeing how I explained THIS potential disaster in my blog.  The kids all lined up with their violins to get tuned to the piano.  Danny was trying to walk to the line and carry his violin at the same time and dropped his instrument and fell.  I picked him up, picked his violin up, and his bridge fell to the ground.   Danny and I looked at his bridge, and we both saw that it was broken in two places.  He was so sad.  One big tear rolled down his cheek, and he asked me if he was still going to be able to play his songs.

Jessica figured out what was going on, found a roll of masking tape, and told me to try taping the bridge together.  So I did.  I tore off lots of small pieces and tried to support the broken parts on both sides in several directions.  Nope.  When Jessica was done tuning the other kids, she took Danny’s violin and the broken parts from me, pulled off a BIG piece of tape and just wrapped the whole bridge all up and stuck it back under the strings and got things back into tune.  Then she said a quick prayer and told me to NOT LET DANNY TOUCH IT until it was time for him to play.

It worked.  Danny played his solo piece, and his violin stayed in tune, and the bridge stayed up.  Then I got his chair out of the way, got him seated next to me, and put his violin and bow safely in my lap until it was time for his duet.

All was well, Brian did such a nice job with his piece, and then I heard a very loud CRACK.  Everybody in the front heard it, Jessica too.  But when I looked down at the violin in my lap, the bridge was still intact under the layers of tape.  So I picked it up, looked at the pegs, turned it over, and I couldn’t figure out what had broken all by itself.  That’s because the violin was fine, it was his bow that broke this time.

And no, there wasn’t too much tension on it!  There must have been a little split from the accident that opened up over time.  Thank goodness it didn’t happen while he was playing.  We got the tape back, quietly, between other kids’ solos, took all the tension off and did just like Jessica did with the bridge – wrapped it ALL UP.  Then I tightened it again just a second before Danny went up for his duet.  I think it’s possible that he was so busy watching the big kids and worrying about his piece that he never actually noticed what was going on.  But that’s fine with me.  He doesn’t need to add anxiety to his other challenges.

Everybody got through it, and yesterday we got a new  (used) bow and ordered a new bridge.   There’s still more than a week of Christmas traditions and celebrations left…. I hope the rest are a little more boring than the violin recital.  

Tomorrow I have round two of my new chemotherapy.   Danielle will have George, Monique will be able to take Danny to PT and OT and then care for him at school, and Susan F. is going to be in charge of me.  But also tomorrow, Betsy’s mom is going to have a heart catheterization for a likely large anterior lesion… can you pray especially for her?    Then Friday I see the pulmonologist, and Saturday is George’s second birthday.  I can’t believe he’s going to be two years old.  We have three days to figure out Skype video conferencing so that Sam can participate in the festivities from Michigan.   Maybe we should pray about that, too:-)  I think Betsy’s mom is in better hands with her cardiologist that we are here trying to do technology without Sam.

6 thoughts on “How are you going to blog this one?

  1. Disaster avoided, thanks to masking tape? Oh, Elizabeth – I know it was stressful for you and not one bit humorous at the time… were moving from one mishap to another like a silver ball in a pinball game. I think your masterful control of the developing events at the recital are to be commended; besides which, there will be no need for any embellishment when this story is retold (to much laughter, I’m sure) over the years…..I can just hear you trying to describe how much masking tape it took to repair the injuries to the violin and bow! Happy birthday to George and many prayers for you, your family, and friends.

  2. I can imagine how much you miss Sam. We love having him here. I miss him when he’s at Nana and Papa’s house. Last night he stayed the night and This morning I dropped him off at work on my way to take the boys to school, and that was great. We’ll figure something out for videoconferencing.

  3. I can’t think of anything that would be boring if Danny is involved…he just steals our hearts with his smile!

    Happy Birthday, George! Can’t believe it’s time for those “terrible twos”…although I prefer to call them “terrific twos”!

    Lots of prayers for you and Betsy’s mom!

    Good with the “technology project”!

    Hugs and prayers!

  4. This is a late response as this has been final exam week here at the university, but it is now behind us. The story was delightful for those of us not involved and I agree with Jan that it will only improve with the telling in the years to come.

    Happy birthday to George and then Sam, from what I hear! I hope all our prayers helped Betsy’s mom. I hope you are not totally wiped out today but know that thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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