Why I am not making lasagna today.

This is rather convoluted, so bear with me.  But first, is George not the cutest?  He had to help teach Sunday School this morning, and I promise you, he really did have socks on when he left the house.

Along with my Emily, and my friend Jean Asinger, and sometimes George’s godmother, Danielle, we teach the class for all the non-Catholic-School kids preparing for First Holy Communion – mostly second graders but ranging from first grade up through late elementary school.   We have a few homeschoolers who join us irregularly, but our official group is 27. 

Our official curriculum is Faith and Life.  If you do that at home, you know that there’s NO WAY to get through one or two whole chapters a week in 90 minutes with 27 or more children, many of whom have academic, behavioral or family issues.

But there’s so much I want these wonderful children to know and learn as they prepare for their sacraments.  I have to remind myself every week to slow down and think about what’s truly essential about our Catholic faith for them to carry in their hearts… which is why I LOVE teaching this class:  I therefore have to think about what’s truly essential about our Catholic faith for me to carry in MY heart.

We try to balance kinesthetic learning and memorization…. so today, for example, they all made Advent wreath hats (which more than 20 of my students wore to 10:30 Mass 🙂 !) and  most of them also memorized the five essential steps to making a good confession.   You know, some of my total non-readers are my best at memory work… so many have shared with me over the years about their struggles in school-school… it’s awesome for them to have a chance to excel at something academic sometimes…

Someday, when I am all done with my cancer treatment and life is back to its usual busy but manageable routine, I want to start a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at our church.  Danny’s school-school teacher from last year is a teacher trainer and would help me, I’m sure.  

But meanwhile, what does this all have to do with lasagna?  Let’s see.  I had chemotherapy Thursday, so I’m pretty wiped out and hurting.  George has surgery tomorrow morning.  I had this great idea that I was going to make a lasagna this afternoon, when I had plenty of time, so that tomorrow afternoon I could just pop it in the oven for supper.

So I was walking through the grocery store thinking about my class, and how it teaches me about holding the essentials in our hearts, and I realized that making lasagna was NOT an essential.  Sitting still and healing is essential.  So tomorrow my family is having hot dogs, green beans and apples for supper.  Brian and Danny can make it all by themselves.   Not that we don’t love lasagna…. and in my class, it’s not that I wouldn’t love to have time to read every word in the textbook with every child… but some days Advent wreath hats and taking a nap just have to take precedence.

10 thoughts on “Why I am not making lasagna today.

  1. George IS the cutest; but, so is Emily – although I’m thinking she might not appreciate cute as a descriptor, but would prefer being referred to as intelligent and kind and lovely and maturing beautifully! By the way, St. Monica School uses the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program for their pre-school, young fives, and kindergarten programs. Teachers, students, and parents love the kinesthetic approach this program uses, thanks to Maria Montessori. I know that St. A’s and St. Catherine’s use the program also. Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher…..you certainly made the Advent message come alive for them with the creation of their Advent Wreath Hats. I’m sure the congregation loved seeing them too!

    And last, but certainly not least, thank you for your beautiful reminder about essentials. Enjoy the hot dogs and your nap!

  2. I’m sure your lasagna is good, but my hubby’s gluten free lasagna rocks. Sorry, just had to brag there for a moment.

    I wish I could time-and-tele-transport and be in your 2nd grade class every now and then on Sundays. You would hardly even notice the extra head. You’d think i was just one of those pop-in-every-now-and-then-homeschoolers. 🙂

    This week in our class we were working on The Prodigal Son. I found this amazing book called “I Want to be Jesus”. And then I lost it. So I had to go buy a second copy. 🙂 Anyway…. it’s 150 short Gospel-based plays for every Sunday of all three years of the lectionary. It’s GREAT. So, in our class we acted out The Prodigal Son last week. We’re not ready for Broadway by any means, but it’s a more kinesthetic approach to learning than just reading or listening. Plus, the kids like it. Wish I had more than just an hour with them. We’d do so much more if I could!

    Still wish I could pop into your class, however.

    BTW — ever since I got a cute book in the mail recently, I’ve made I-dunno-how-many pairs of Lovvika mittens. They’re so much fun!

  3. Precious photos! I’m showing this to my Maria and my David–both of whom are CCD teachers–your philosophy on the essentials of the faith is perfect for them.

    Praying everything tomorrow goes well for George. And I am glad you are sitting still and healing.

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing the pictures of the beautiful children and their advent wreaths. And thank you for teaching 2nd grade Cathechism. My three are in Good Shepard and enjoy it tremendously. I join them as my youngest isn’t three yet and the first month, “Be still and know I’m God.” kept coming to mind. The Good Shepard program gives the little ones that chance to be still and know He is God. God Bless!

  5. Thanks for the pictures and the reminder of what’s important. So glad you chose hotdogs and a nap, because YOU are definitely in the “essential” category!


  6. You’re a wise woman. Glad you chose rest over making lasagna. The pictures are wonderful as always. Will pray for George and always for you.

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