Third time’s a charm?

Or is it “Three Strikes, you’re out???

You know all the troubles George has had with his hearing… and kids with Downs usually have language issues even without hearing troubles… he started out failing his newborn audio screening in the hospital when he was born, did amazingly well after his first ear surgery when he was still just tiny, and then actually PASSED a full audiology evaluation after he had more ear surgery earlier this year to put in tubes and get those little hearing bones moving…

Well, he’s not hearing again.  His tubes are no longer going through his ear drums, both ears are infected despite mega-antibiotics, and he’s not hearing.  Oops, I already said that.  So we went to the ENT surgeon today, and ear surgery three is scheduled for one week from today.  He considered doing it Friday (like four days from now) but one of his ear canals is all mucky from having a partially extruded tube banging around in there.  Kids with Downs also tend to have skinny, crooked little ear canals, so we want all the inflammation to be gone so there’s as much room to operate as possible. 

The surgeon isn’t happy about the whole thing, and I think he was blaming himself that he has to go in and fix things again… he said he should have taken George’s adenoids out last time.  I reminded him that he planned to take them out, he looked at them under anesthesia in the OR and because they were fine, fine, normal, fine, he decided to leave them.  I told him that if George’s adenoids are still fine, he can leave them again.  Or take them out.  Whichever he thinks is better, once he gets in there and looks. 

But he needs to fix George’s hearing.  He needs to get into those little ears with that fancy microscope of his and get those tiny hearing bones moving and transmitting sound waves again.  It’s awfully hard to learn how to talk when you can’t hear.  And I know signing works so well for kids with DS, as well as other kids with intermittent hearing issues, but George doesn’t sign much at all, probably because we can’t get him to wear his glasses and therefore he doesn’t see as well as he should. 

However, George DID learn something new today, while we were waiting in the waiting room at the surgeon’s office.  He learned how to blow kisses.  Since I have NOT learned how to make computer videos and post them on You Tube, you’re going to have to just imagine how sweet and cute he is, and how much he smiles when he’s proud of himself.  Gosh, it’s too bad Sam’s in Michigan, because he would be just as proud of George as George is!  Plus he’d be able to put up a video.  Perhaps Emily will have time to make one tomorrow.  I might just have to think of a sufficient incentive to make sure….

3 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm?

  1. I’m so glad you are back, and I loved the photo of George with your dad – I think it’s my favorite of all photos. I hope you got some much needed rest while they were down there.
    Sam and I will keep you and George in our prayers.

  2. Surely your camera phone can take a video long enough for a blown kiss video!!!!!! YOU MUST DO IT! I want George to blow me a kiss even though I’ve never met him!

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