3:14 PM. Phone Call.

The doctor’s office just called.  The insurance company just called them (yes, called THEM, as opposed to answering the doctor’s zillionth call)… We are approved.  Just like that. 

We have been fighting this administrative battle daily since November 3.   My five hour infusion starts Thursday, 9:30 AM.  George is going to be with Danielle for the day.  Two rounds, two weeks apart, then a pulmonary CT with angiogram to see if we’re making progress.  

I wish I’d asked for your help earlier.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

12 thoughts on “3:14 PM. Phone Call.

  1. Yahoo!! Elizabeth, I’m so pleased for you that the insurance company has finally gotten out of the way, and you can start your treatments. I hope this lightens your over full plate just a little. I will continue to pray for Dixon and his new job, George and his ears, and Sam, and, always, you.

  2. Glad your plate is now FULL of warm fresh baked cookies, figuratively speaking, but it does sound good.
    there is power in the number of people praying.
    Good luck Thursday!

  3. That just gave me goose bumps & brought tears to my eyes! The power of prayer is so miraculous & amazing! I will continue to pray for your entire family.

  4. I found out about your third post of the day while attending your Dad’s Kalamazoo Singers ‘Christmas at Nazareth’ concert. Don’t you love the title!?! I think that today really was your personal Christmas at Nazareth and it was shared with your parents, your Mom’s travel group, Edda and I who work with your Mom. What a glorious way to celebrate your news and the season by listening to those wonderful voices singing in the beautiful Holy Family Chapel at Nazareth. Alleluia! Alleluia!

  5. Rejoicing with you and praying for you. Hard. BIG hugs!! Wish you were closer-I’d come sit and knit with you Thurs. You will be in my constant prayers Thur.

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