nothing much to blog about

you know the old aphorism:  If you can’t say something nice….  I guess I’ve been in sort of a negative frame of mind lately and have been feeling like if there’s not much positive or cheerful to blog about, maybe I should just let the blog be quiet until something interesting and happy happens. 

So I had a chat with Sara about that concept the other evening.  We talked about how life is “real” and therefore my blog is “real life”  …. it’s our family’s story even when it’s boring or when I’m discouraged.

Why am I discouraged?  Because I’ve not started my new drugs yet, because of insurance issues.  Because I’m still on lots of steroids, which are taking their toll on my mind and body.  Because I’ve had too many CTs and MRI’s lately, and the results have made me sad.  Because one year ago, when I was right in the middle of chemotherapy, I figured that THIS Advent, I’d be all recovered and have lots of strength and energy and I’d be able to do all the things for my family that I want to do.

Oh well.  Not blogging doesn’t change all that, but it does disconnect me from my friends and family.  So let’s reconnect.  Here’s what’s new with us:

Danny, who needs a hair cut but managed to talk me out of it this morning, has lost a BUNCH of front teeth all at once.  It makes me smile to see HIM smile, and it makes me smile when I listen to him read out loud.

My parents are on their way here for Thanksgiving.  They’ll be here by noon, since that’s when the going-away party for Dixon is at his office.  We are all going, therefore I’ve been ironing this morning.

I totally have to get a Christmas picture of all five of my children this weekend, because Sam is going back to Michigan with my parents, and we won’t see him until December 29.  I know he’s going to have an awesome month, but being away from my first son on Christmas will be hard.

And we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend… it was the 17th.  So the kids have been busy finishing some little hand made gifts this morning.  I’ve not had the patience to let them make a cake yet today… that might have to be a project for Friday 🙂 

So that’s all that’s new.  Coming up on the schedule:  Dixon has been orienting for his new job since last week, but officially starts December 1.  I SHOULD be able to start my new chemotherapy concoction December 2.  The first basketball games of the season are on December 5, which is also the day of Southern Scholastic, the BIG chess tournament that determines who from around here gets to go to Nationals… and December 5 is also Emily’s SAT’s for applying to the NC School of Math and Science. 

Thanks for your patience with my lack of communication.  Please keep holding me in prayer… specifically for relief from being so discouraged.  

Thanksgiving photos (8 K Turkey Trot run for some of us … NOT ME!…. the big parade downtown… eating out this year…. ) tomorrow, I promise.


11 thoughts on “nothing much to blog about

  1. You know we want to hear the bad along with good. I’m sorry you are feeling so discouraged, so I am praying for peace and MORE strength.

    I would love to hear Danny talk with all those missing teeth.

    I’m glad your mom and dad are there to help you with all the things you feel you have to do.

    Love and prayers.

  2. Elizabeth,

    I’m so sorry you are discouraged. I’m praying for peace and MORE strength.

    I wish I could hear Danyy talk with all those missing teeth :).

    I’m glad your parents are there and will be able to help with all the things you routinely do.

    Since this is a time for being thankful (as if each day shouldn’t be one of those times), I count you and your family as blessings in my life.

    Love and prayers, Nancy

  3. Well, I’ll just keep commenting along!!! I didn’t think my first comment was submitted, so I commented again. I’m going to be quiet now.

  4. Just know we want to share ANY kind of day you’re having…besides no matter what kind of day you’re having you are putting the best of us to shame!

    You are in my prayers and thoughts every day and want to thank you for trusting us with your thoughts…good or bad!
    (This weather doesn’t help much, either!)

    Enjoy the time with your parents…mom’s want to help and knowing you’re “relaxing” will be a “gift” to her…I promise! I’m sure she’ll love those gifts! (Love your punches!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to that special family of yours and just in case you might have forgotten you and your family count as blessings in my life as well!

    Love and prayers!

  5. Yes, Elizabeth, I can and will pray for your hope and strength and joy to soar. Please know that despite all the constraints, you continue to out do me on so many levels that I am in awe of you. In spurs me to not dispair and I will pray that we all stay strong in our faith to only bathe in the issues of this day and let us be purified and glorified by it. You may feel like only yarn, but you are really a holy garment! Love from Minneapolis.

  6. I can understand why you did not want to comment but I am glad that you did. Sometimes, blogs only show the “rosy” side of life. It leaves me feeling so inadequete. I think “am I the only one having a bad day/ month/ year?” If we don’t share when anything is going wrong, how can we ask people to pray? We have a daughter with Autism and sometimes a comment on my site will just make my day. The fact that someone out there that doesn’t know you is praying for your family is so humbling. Also, when things are going right others can rejoice with you! I found your blog through Elizabeth Foss’ site. I am so glad that I did. I am lifting you up in prayer that God will send the Holy Spirit and his angels to tend to you.

  7. Praying, Elizabeth, and lots of {{{{{hugs}}}}}, too. (We need pictures of George, by the way!) God bless, Michele F. in Michigan

  8. I, one of your cyber friends, worry about you when I don’t see postings on the blog. I have become addicted to reading your blog, to sharing your good days as well as your not so good or even bad ones. I am thankful to hear from you no matter what your day is like. I am thankful that you are willing to share your happiness, insights, family, sadness, pain or worry with me and all the others who follow you through your blog. I am here to help you carry your load, and as a friend, it matters not whether it is heavy with sadness or pain or if it is light with happiness and the joy of small things. I am thankful that you are willing to share your life, your family, your friends, your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, but mostly yourself.

    On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful that you and your family have become a part of my life.

  9. Like you I sometimes feel deep sadness and anxiety and being able to share my thoughts with my friends is an enormous blessing in my life. So, I have read your blog and you have shared your blue thoughts with me so now maybe you can feel that you have parted with some of it. Because although I don’t know you we do share a strong faith and I wll pray that your fears will pass and be replaced with the joy and fascination of Christmas.

  10. dear friend, nothing i can say or do would be adequate to express how much i love you and how much you matter to me. if i could help you carry this cross, i would and i’d be happy for the chance. what i CAN offer are my prayers and they go up for you all day long. today i pray that the love of your family surrounds you with joy and peace, that god will bring you comfort in your heart and in your body, and that the coming season brings with it his healing touch in all your lives.

  11. I check on you almost every day…. and am glad to hear from you whatever your mood, or the news. I’m sorry you are feeling discouraged, and hope that the change soon to come will help. I’m sending you love and strength and hope this day and every day.

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