“On My” for Wednesday

On my knitting needles:omm5

Danny and I are knitting a sweater.  Sam is doing a great art course this semester, and Danny often borrows his books and materials.  Recently he was working on mixing colors, and presented me with this:


It’s the main color and contrasting colors for a sweater, with a charge of 75 cents for the design work.  I should have charged HIM for letting him help me dye the wool.  Or at least for cleaning up.

On my feet:


Brand new wool socks from my friend Moira.  You know how some days you just need something special to happen?  She just must have known I was going to have one of those days…. socks AND homemade chocolate fudge AND a wonderful, long encouraging letter. 

On my kitchen floor:


MORE wool.  For somebody’s Christmas sweater.  A big heap of leftovers and mill ends… not enough of all one color for a boring solid color cardigan, so perhaps some stripes?  Don’t worry, the recipient doesn’t read my blog 🙂 .

On my front walk:


Bubbles.  George just hasn’t figured them out yet.  He can’t decide whether he likes them or not, but can’t help but be fascinated.


I think if he would somehow be convinced to wear his glasses, and he could see them better, he’d love them as much as the rest of us do.


But so far the only thing we’ve found that keeps them on is absolute undivided attention and holding both of his hands down continuously.  Oh well.   Danny thinks if we just EXPLAIN to him how important it is that he wear his glasses…..

On my MOM’s feet:


She got some clear Converse sneakers to wear over all her socks.  Are those totally cool or what?

On my stove:


A cooling pan from the very last of the many baskets of 10 dollars a bushel mountain apples from the farmer’s market.  This is probably a good thing, since the apple crisp recipe that we all love best (and have been eating pretty much daily) has SO much butter and SO much sugar….

On my kitchen table:


Heaps of freshly hand carded cormo fleece.  My family is patient with me… as long as there’s not fuzz in their food, they don’t seem to mind having to move wool out of the way to do their schoolwork 🙂 .

On my mind and making me smile:


…. just one last picture of the sweetest boy…. did you know he’s almost two years old?  Sam just realized that he was going to be out of town on George’s birthday, and I actually thought for a few minutes that he was going to cancel his trip just so that he wouldn’t miss the celebration…  what a blessing those two sons of mine are to each other….  I know how lucky I am that all my children really like each other, but Sam and George have an exceptional bond, and it’s really a beautiful thing.  One of my boys once asked me if it bothered me that everybody else in the family liked George best, and not me 🙂  I think maybe it doesn’t bother me one bit.


9 thoughts on ““On My” for Wednesday

  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I enjoy your blog so much with your wonderful family, beautiful knitting, and faithfilled life. Thank you. I pray for you too. Lori

  2. What a wonderful thing to read just before going to bed. I love the pictures too, but have actually seen your mom’s shoes. She wore them to work today.

  3. Love Danny’s “advise” to George about his glasses…these glimpses into that special family of yours is such a gift…I’ve known this for a long time though!

    I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a day and still take time to share with us…I’ll think about you, wonder how you’re doing, say a prayer and check your blog…and you’re busy teaching us another of life’s lessons.


  4. remind me that mittens are just as wonderful as socks… and that my kids really probably do love one another… at least a bit. The bubbles story is funny.

  5. That Danny! Now he is an entrepeneur selling his designs. I can understand why you can’t just EXPLAIN about the importance of wearing glasses, but to Danny it all makes perfect sense. The realtionship your children have with one another is a beautiful gift fostered by wonderful parents.

    How you manage do so so much in a single day boggles my mind. I’m feeling quite the slacker!

    Love and prayers.

  6. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I just loved reading your blog entry today! I like reading it a lot, actually, but this entry was so wonderful, with the colorful photos, the cute story about George and the bubbles, the wonderful color/designing ability of Danny, etc. This entry just warmed my heart. Thank you for giving us, the readers of your blog, such a gift and especially sharing the dynamics of your children. All of you are blessed.

    P.S. Your Mom’s shoes are cool. I’ve seen her wearing them at work a couple of times now. They are so fun to see.

  7. I was just thinking about the facts that George will soon be two AND what wonderful, compassionate children you have raised! They are truly a gift to each other. You should be a proud Mama!

  8. NO WAY!! 2?!? REALLY??? Where did the time go? But I know it is true because my guy is 2 1/2…and growing up way too fast. Love the photos-we are BIG bubble fans too. enjoy every moment.

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