Emily isn’t at All State Orchestra today.

No doubt this isn’t going to be the last time that my oldest child makes a different choice than I would have for her.


first, find some leftover sock yarn

A few weeks ago, she was looking for the phone.  She told me she needed to call her orchestra conductor to tell him that she wasn’t going to accept the offer she’d gotten to participate in All State Orchestra.


cast on about 60 stitches total on a few empty needles

I was astonished.  She hadn’t even tried out.  They just offered her a spot, and she turned it down.  All State.  And she’s only a 10th grader.


after a while, change to your regular yarn

She told her regular conductor that she had a schedule conflict.  Because she was on the tech crew for a play.  Huh?  Where did that come from?


knit lots of rows.... maybe 20. no purls. just knits.

“That’s OK with you, Mom?  Right?  If you say I have to do All State Orchestra I will, but I really want to do this play.  You’re not mad, are you?


after picking up the first purple row, fold it all in half

Where did this theater thing come from?  Totally from left field, as far as I knew.  I’d heard that the director was homeschool-friendly, but otherwise I was oblivious.  And I wasn’t prepared to decide what was best for my daughter when I felt so clueless. 


knit the next row like a 3 needle bind off, but don't bind off

So she called the orchestra director and turned down the All State spot.  I resolved to try to be supportive.  Confused, but supportive.


change from purple to orange when you get bored

I’m much more comfortable with being closely surrounded by my children, and knowing ahead of time what they think and plan to do.   Did I miss some clues with Emily?  She said not, she was just already doing so much music and orchestra and she wanted to spend more time with some friends who were involved with theater. 


peek at all the loose ends inside. briefly 🙂

When I’m out of my comfort zone, or when I really need to focus my prayer attention on someone in particular, the combination of knitting and the Rosary helps me on many levels.  My children call the products of this part of my prayer life “Rosary Socks”


kitchener the toes

Emily knows more people than anybody else I know, and she tells me that none of her friends’ moms knit them Rosary socks.  She admits, however, that part of the reason is that none of her friends’ moms knit them any sort of socks…


hang out in bed and weave in ends when toddler is napping

So Emily has not been at All State Orchestra this week, and she is not having a concert today.  She is helping put on a play instead.   Perhaps I’m not quite ready for such autonomy.  But at least I can be confident that she’s going forth into the world thoroughly covered – literally and figuratively – in prayer.


Emily's new socks, on the way out into the world


9 thoughts on “Emily isn’t at All State Orchestra today.

  1. AWESOME socks! I LOVE the way you made them. BTW, I am wearing my pink, cashmere sparkle socks today and I love the way you made them too.

    It is so hard letting them grow up and start flexing their wings, but you did the right thing in supporting her decision even though it wasn’t what you would have chosen for her.

  2. I want to know what the name of the play is. “Fantastiks”? Hmmmm…. “Joe Egg”?… OK, that would be relevant. “Equus”? No way.

  3. Love the socks and Emily, too!

    Don’t you just love “teens”…one minute you’re cruising along the highway…next minute you’re going the wrong way! I’m so glad you celebrate her decisions…can’t go wrong with “rosary socks”!
    (All I could do was bring out the baby pictures…to remind me “Yes, this is the same child I brought home from the hospital”! I knew I should have learned to knit!!!


  4. I agree with Teri. We raise our children to have wings…..and then find it sometimes so hard when they start using them. With your guidance, Emily has learned that a well-rounded life is essential and the balance” in life she needs right now is spending time with her theater friends. You made the right decision in being supportive of her choice; and remember, her music and Rosary socks will be with her always.

    Prayers always.

  5. I love the socks and I love how they have been covered in your prayers. What an awesome idea that is! Emily is very lucky 🙂

    You have such wonderful children. I always admire how much they love each other, how much they get along, how much they laugh and love life. Your children are how I want my children to be when they get older. I admire the way you let them make their own decisions, even if they are not what you would have chosen them to do. If Emily had chosen to do All-state you know I would have loved that:) But she is just broadening her horizons with theater now! There is always All-state next year!

  6. What a wonderful Mom! Being the mother of teens and young adults is like unwrapping a present, isn’t it? Watching their lives unfold as they discover their calling is a delight!

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