Phone conversation with my husband


Dixon:  “Hi, honey, what have you guys been doing this morning?”

Me:  “I took the kids to the farmer’s market.  For pumpkins.”


Dixon:  “And you had that nerve block yesterday?  So now you’re hurting and grouchy.  Great idea!”


Me:  “Yes, but the kids needed pumpkins, and you know how George is pulling up to stand on things?  I thought a picture of him standing up holding onto a BIG pumpkin would be fun.”


Dixon:  “So did you get the picture you wanted? ”

Me:  “Uh, no.  He didn’t want to stand up.  But we got lots of pumpkins”


Dixon:  “And now you’re hurting and cranky.  Are the kids being good?  How’s your shortness of breath?”


Me:  “OK, so I’m hurting and cranky.  Sorry.  But the kids are being great.  I’m awfully tired of being short of breath though.”


Dixon:  “I know it’s hard to be short of breath.  I’m sorry.  Did the pulmonologist call yet?”


Me:  “They did.  First thing Monday morning I’m having lung function testing and then seeing the doctor at 9:30”


Dixon:  “And where do we stand with the other specialists?”

Me:  “It’s hard to keep track.  There’s too many of them.”


Dixon:  “But you see the rheumatologist Tuesday morning?  And he says to do all those steroids like the radiation oncologist says?

Me:  “Yes.  I really don’t like the steroids.  They make me irritable and make it hard to sleep.”


Dixon:  “I know, I’m sorry.  Maybe you shouldn’t have done so much today.”


Me:  “And to top it all off, instead of getting a perfect picture of George standing up holding on to a huge pumpkin, he just decided to get all muddy.  Humph.”


Dixon:  “But was it worth it?  Sounds like everyone had fun anyway.  Maybe I can get home early tonight so that you can get some more rest.  Save your energy for the carnival.”

Me:  “More like save my energy for the laundry.  But you can come home early and help me with that if you want 🙂 .”


9 thoughts on “Phone conversation with my husband

  1. Elizabeth, the pictures are absolutely pricelss! So sorry that you are short of breath and tired and hurting and cranky, but the kids look like they had a wonderful time. Praying for you here in Kalamazoo.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re hurting, cranky, and short of breath – I can’t begin to imagine the strength (both physical and inner) it took to get all five children to the farmer’s market for the pumpkins. But, you did it, and the pictures are priceless! You know, I bet your kids could photo-shop little George standing up by a pumpkin or after the carving session, get him to stand by one for a Kodak moment.

    Sounds like your “trifecta of -ologists” is close to making a decision to go with the steroids. I’m sorry the side effects are so difficult to put up with and wish there was another solution. Perhaps Halloween and the carnival will distract you enough that your weekend will fly by and you won’t have to think about it. By the way, if I lived closer than Michigan, I’d do your laundry – and I REALLY dislike doing laundry!!!

    Sending prayers and love your way!

  3. Fantastic pictures – what a gorgeous day! Little George is very cute when covered in mud. The sea of orange pumpkins looks magnificent. We don’t celebrate Halloween in Oz, and I don’t think I have ever seen a real orange pumpkin – ours are Jap or Butternut.

  4. I’m with Jan, just thinking about what it took to get everyone to the farmer’s market makes me tired, cranky and out of breath, but I know how you love Fall and the farmer’s market!

    Love those pictures…especially Emily with “muddy George”! Thanks for sharing them all with us…and thanks to Sam, Emily, Brian, Danny and George for giving us such entertainment!

    Hope you have a great Halloween and them maybe “we” can rest a little?
    (The “mom” in me has to come out once in awhile!)

    Prayers and hugs!

  5. Redemptive suffering is so vivid in your post. God bless you! Your posts are soooooo needed by everyone! The beauty of your family is alive!

  6. The life of a mother stops for nothing! Beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing. Praying for you daily…..

    God bless,

  7. I’m a day late. Don’t know how I missed reading it yesterday. I’m sure I checked the blog yesterday. Any way… “Hugs”. Your family proves that love doesn’t mind getting muddy. “Neither principalities nor mountains nor mud…. ”
    butchered from Romans 8:38-39

  8. Loved the photos! Loved the beautiful children, sunshine and colors. (Yes, even mud is a color as all mothers know.) I too am sorry you are hurting, cranky and short of breath, but sometimes you just have to continue to be a mother in spite of all that. Your post certainly makes me smile and remember when I would take my children for pumpkins.

    Thank you so very much for sharing this experience with all of us. May your upcoming appointments help relieve your pain, grouchiness etc.

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