Hey Esther! I finished your socks!

I assume everybody who reads the comments knows Esther.  Esther knits mittens like I knit socks.  The big difference is that most of my socks go to my family and friends, but she mostly gives her mittens to poor schoolchildren and homeless people with cold hands up in Rhode Island where she lives…


Many months ago we made a plan.  Between the two of us, out of 8 balls of Mini Mochi, we’d make 4 mittens and 4 socks.  Then we’d each have a pair of each.  Of course the mittens she made for me have been here for months, and I just finished her socks today.


Poor Betsy.  I’ve been working on her socks (rather boring taupe cashmere) for ages, and they keep getting put aside for other things… but the current distraction is Flusi socks for her very own # 4 child, Rom, so perhaps she won’t mind another delay.


In celebration of their 60th anniversary of making special sock yarn, the Regia folks got authorization to reprint a darling children’s book about socks, and they’re selling six colors of sock yarn to match the socks in the book.


Danny tells me that it’s obvious that a pair of socks from Flusi yarn need to be made from two different colorways.  When one little boy gives an old mama advice about socks for another little boy, it would take a really good reason to ignore it.  Therefore Rom is getting a rather odd “pair” of socks.


So Betsy, Rom’s socks are done to the heels…. I need his foot length to finish them.  I guess I might knit a few more rows on your socks meanwhile… until something ELSE distracts me.

8 thoughts on “Hey Esther! I finished your socks!

  1. Between Mini Mochi rainbows and Flusi “party” colored yarns, plain old taupe cashmere has some stiff competition! I hope Betsy has a good imagination so that she can enjoy hers with great anticipation! I can vouch that those cashmere ones are worth the wait! It is so good to see your world in bright, vivid colors again…

  2. My tootsies are wiggling with anticipation!

    Elizabeth didn’t tell the WHOLE story of the mittens. I sent her all four and she had to pick two.

    BTW – I have bits of the MM left. I’ve been wondering if I could make a pair of booties of the bits to go to your St. Gerard mission at St. Ann’s…. Have been distracted by much other knitting and the bits of MM sit patiently waiting their turn for experimentation.

  3. I know you’re happy when you’re in a sea of color and creating… makes me want to get in my own “sea of paper” today! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Well better let you go and get busy… Esther’s and Betsy’s toes are waiting!!


  4. FYI – It’s snowing here today. Going to be a long cold winter if it’s already snowing in mid-October!!! Guess it’s time to go get my snow tires out of the storage unit and have them put on the car. I know you envy snow. I envy your tropical weather.

  5. hey, inquiring minds suddenly realized “need to know”:
    Did you ever make the Kathryn Ivy DIY mitten blocker for the rainbow mittens? I really should make some mitten blockers. In particular, the village mittens will warrant them. I’m nearly done with the thumb gusset on mitten#1.

    • … months later I’m still working on the village mittens. So, see, Elizabeth. You are not the only slow knitter!

  6. I want the world to know that I now have the PRETTIEST SOCKS ON THE WHOLE PLANET!!!!! Thank you, precious Elizabeth. The socks are wonderful and the surprise book is delightful!

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