Sunday, five days later.

Did I ever tell you that our parish was finally, after 52 years of worshipping in what was supposed to be the basement, building a new church?  I have to be honest, I liked the old one just fine.  It was small, simple, and suited the personality of our parish.  The only problem I had with it was the bathrooms, which were dreadful. 


I had a chance to experience the brand new restroom in our brand new church for the first time Sunday.   Dixon was out of town, so Emily took care of George while I taught Sunday School and the other boys went to class.  Then she met us up at church for Mass.  We played “pass the baby” for a while, then Brian settled him down and gave him a bottle.  Right after the homily, George spit up on my blouse, so after a brief accidental detour into a confessional I took him into the GORGEOUS CLEAN NEW HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE restroom to get a paper towel.   Before I got through the door, he spit up into the front of my shirt, and it ran down past the waistband of my skirt.  Have I ever told you that reflux in kids with downs can be really hard to cure?


But anyway, I was soaked clear through to my underwear, so I carried George home.  I figured the big kids would be fine without me.  The story doesn’t end there, though.  Monday was a long day, and late in the afternoon I told Sam and Emily to take George for a walk… getting three children out of the house might have saved my sanity at least until suppertime.    All I wanted them to do was quietly and independently LEAVE.  But no.  MOM!  Where are the keys to your car?  MOM!  Do you think the stroller’s on the porch?  MOM!  Does Daddy have the stroller?  MOM!  The stroller’s not in the van!


Turns out that Emily had brought George up to Mass with the stroller, and I’d carried him home without it.  So today I went up to church to take a couple of pictures for you and to get the stroller.


Some things are the same… like the St. Ann statue.  (Elizabeth F., the second candle from the right on the bottom row is yours)   And it’s far more simple and un-ornate than I was worried it would be.


No doubt the parish school’s staff is thrilled to get the church out of their cafeteria!  The kids ate in the classrooms for a whole year.   It’s such a relief to have kneelers again!  In the cafeteria, we had folding chairs and a very hard floor (with occasional gardening knee pads, sold as a fundraiser by the women’s club)  The pews are the same as before, just cleaned up and refinished.  It’s a nice church.  I like it.  But without a doubt, the biggest change is the bathrooms.  You should come check it out.

4 thoughts on “Sunday, five days later.

  1. You are so lucky. What a beautiful church! We have essentially “church in a box” with “electric candles” and “modern” stained glass. Of course, ours is in what was supposed to be the parish hall but the church was never built 50 years ago because a school was built. It closed this year, but we will never get a beautiful church. Ah, parish envy 🙂 We are lucky though for fantastic priests, which is what is truly important. And if the Eucharist is there it is blessed. May your family be blessed by this new church.

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