I thought I’d NEVER do this.

This morning Emily and her viola had to be at Orchestra at 7:15 AM.  Dixon usually does any necessary early morning driving on his way to work, but he’s in California…


When Emily ran into my room at 6:55, I decided it was an emergency and just put on my shoes…. and went out to the car in my nightgown.  At least I already had my Sock Summit hoodie on 🙂 . 

You all know that I dress pretty simply… a plain black cotton/lycra skirt with a solid T shirt is basically my uniform.  But even in the middle of the worst of chemotherapy I never took the kids anywhere in my nightgown!!!

But don’t worry, I’ve gotten dressed.  I’m wearing my favorite new shirt:


A dear friend and blog commenter got it for me at the Michigan Fiber Festival.


While she was rocking George to sleep, she told me that she was going, and we had a chance to talk about some “don’t miss” vendors (Like Toni 🙂 )


I knew she’d gotten some sock yarn from Toni, but this wonderful shirt for me was a surprise in the mail.  Thank you!!!

7 thoughts on “I thought I’d NEVER do this.

  1. You are something else…we never know what we’re going to “read” or see! I think about all of us have had that “emergency” run to school, etc at least once…just wouldn’t have thought to photograph it! Love it by the way!

    Love the pictures of your friend and George…pure contentment! Love your shirt,too! You have such special friends!


  2. Love the photo’s and I picked up one of my boys after an away basketball game in my nightgown and winter jacket one time. I was real glad he didn’t ask me to drop off anyone on our way home!

    I’ve heard that you had a hair cut – yipee – so next time could you stand a little further from the camera, please? tee hee!

  3. I have SHIRT ENVY now!
    I thought my “Saved by Body Piercing” shirt absolutely rocked.
    But yours is easily as way cool as my Body Piercing shirt.

    Envy is so sinful and ugly. I’ll have to do something about that.

  4. Dear Elizabeth,

    I’m so glad you like the shirt. It screamed your name at me when I walked by. I feel as though I have finally “arrived” having my picture with angel George on your blog.

    I know you are keeping very busy spinning and taking care of your family. The pictures of the wool you posted are beautiful.

    Take good care of yourself. Love, Nancy

  5. aw, elizabeth, you missed your chance, you could have gone just about anywhere in your nightgown during chemo and nobody would have thought a thing of it. LOL

    esther, the way to cure your shirt envy is to get the shirt. 🙂

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