I doubt we can attribute it to her socks.

Remember the emergency prayer socks from a few posts ago?  Here’s what happened.

When a radiologist reviews a diagnostic mammogram,  it gets a score of up to 5 points based on the chances that the trouble spot is cancer.  However, the only way you can get a 5 is if they already know that you have cancer in that spot.  My friend had a 4. 

My friend has a first degree relative with breast cancer.

 She had a palpable mass where the trouble spot was on one side.


Today she got her results.  Benign.  No cancer, either side.  As far as I’m concerned, this counts as a miracle and proof of the power of prayer.

10 thoughts on “I doubt we can attribute it to her socks.

  1. I am so glad your friend’s biopsy was negative. I have been praying all week. What wonderful news.
    I continue to read your blog on a daily basis for my inspiration, cheer and favorite stories. I love your pictures! I played Emily’s video of the baby a hundred times!
    It is exceptional the way you turn your challenges into opportunities to educate us. You and your family are role models for all of us.

  2. It is always awsom to see how amazing God is. Then to know that he actually listens to our requests. You friend is blessed that he choose to answer yes to her.

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