On my way to see the pain guy

although I’m not sure that he’d like to be referred to as “The Pain Guy”  when he’s really an anesthesiologist who is fellowship trained in pain management. 

Maybe we could call him the “Unpain guy” ?? 

I’m not looking forward to having large needles stuck between the narrowed arthritic joints in my neck.  However, when the “Unpain guy” does epidural steroid injections into those T 1 nerve roots to help the damaged nerves in my arm (from surgery last September), he does miracles. 

The negatives:  The whole procedure pretty much really hurts.  The nerve is REALLY irritable for a day or two after, therefore I’m rather irritable for a day or two after.  They put LOTS of steroids into my nerves, but the steroids don’t stay there, they seep out into the rest of my body and make me restless and irritable.  (oh and did I say “irritable”??)  Plus I have to be horizontal the rest of today and can’t drive for 24 hours. 

The positives:  This steroid epidural will help for about 4 weeks… it will let me go hours and hours without even thinking about my arm.  Mr. “Unpain guy” also manages my oral pain medicines… he works it out so that I take just eough to let me do all my work and activities (within reason) … the goal isn’t to be pain free, it’s to be functional.  I appreciate that he takes the extra time to find just the right balance. 

Meanwhile, tomorrow is bilateral breast biopsy day for a special friend of mine.  Her appointment is at 9.  Please join me then, light a candle and sit with your little ones to say a decade or two for her intentions.

13 thoughts on “On my way to see the pain guy

  1. I hope all goes well, I know it is worth it, it is just getting there. Monique is beautiful! Sounds like she is beautiful inside and out. The joy on Danny’s face made me smile, from his school photo. XOX

  2. Thank heavens for the “unpain” guy. That you will be able to go for hours without thinking about your arm is a wonderful gift. When you are feeling irritable, put yourself in the “time out” space.

    Prayers will be said, and candles will be lit. Nancy

  3. Cheers for the ‘unpain’ guy and the magic his fingers, skills and training will bring you before the end of the week!

    Thoughts and prayers will be with you, your ‘thankfully the wait is almost over” person with the bi-lateral biopsy in her now immediate future, and to her family as well.

  4. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and so will your friend!

    I agree with Nancy…”time out” spaces can be a good thing!


  5. praying for you today as always, praying for pain relief and for god’s guidance on the hand of your unpain guy. praying for your friend too, i hope everybody has some peace today.

  6. Best wishes for you and your friend… oh, and while you are in pain try and focus on all that knitting you will be able to do…

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