First Day, First Grade

I totally love the beginning of the school year.  Have you ever noticed how nice the inside of a brand new composition book smells?  And new, perfectly sharpened colored pencils.  Long colored pencils, all the same length exactly. 


Tuesday morning we all walked Danny to his first day of first grade up at Park Road Montessori.  He was so excited and so happy.  I really need to take some pictures of all the wonderful materials – and the whole environment – in his classroom, because it truly is a place where lots of learning happens.


Remember Monique?  She is the human equivalent of a guardian angel.  She’s Danny’s nurse at school, and she’s by his side every moment.  I have no doubt that she’s going to like first grade, too.


I can’t decide what my favorite grade is.  I can’t even decide what my favorite subject is!  This year Emily and Sam are working on Natural History and have already started beautiful nature journals… and since I’ve delegated high school level Latin to Mrs. Madden, I think maybe science is going to be the best part of my year.  Or maybe math.  Math is always good.


Or literature.  You should see the piles of books already.  On the other hand, Sam and I are going to learn drafting and mechanical drawing this year.  Something totally new is always interesting. 

Meanwhile, updates on friends:  Ian is HOME.  I am totally not kidding.  Truly a verifiable miracle, I think.  Our latest update on WC was that the doctors tried to see how he’d do off the ventilator, but he didn’t fly, so they put him back on.  The recipient of the prayer socks has her biopsies  (yes, plural… they decided to do both sides…) Tuesday.  Tuesday would be a good day to light a candle and say a decade or two for her intentions.

6 thoughts on “First Day, First Grade

  1. The picture of Monique and Danny is very beautiful. I can see the love they have for one another. Danny is a lucky boy to have such a wonderful person by his side, and it is also a blessing for you to know that she is with him when you are not.

  2. So glad you’re all off to a good start!

    As usual I read and look at your pictures with awe at all you accomplish… hope you enjoy ALL your subjects…have fun Sam!

    I will keep everyone in my prayers.

  3. There is nothing quite like the first day of school. Excitement all around-kids parents, and teachers. I always loved the first day of school, then by the weekend I was looking at the calendar to see when our first free day was!

    More prayers will be said and candles will be lit on Tuesday. Love, Nancy

  4. As a former teacher, I loved the first day of school. The potential for the students and myself were never higher. It was a bright and shiny day. The smell of new books, the smell of newly sharpened pencils, the sparkling clean chalkboards (we didn’t have white boards in the classroom then) was a high in itself. As a mom, it was even more exciting because the potential for the year was so personal, the new things they would learn, the new hair cuts, the new clothes etc. It is a wonderful time of the year. I have not taught in a very long time and I still miss that part of it. However, in the state of Michigan, public schools cannot begin until after Labor Day – so we haven’t gotten to the first day of school yet.

    Your photos are wonderful as usual!

    Tuesday will be full of thoughts and prayers for your sock receipient and her family too. We will be waiting to hear the results too.

  5. School starts next week here in RI. I haven’t had chunks of alone time in years and years and years. I’m hoping I might find my kitchen counter before the school year ends in June.

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