Emily needs school-school project help.

Quick favor, and I promise to write the full school-this-year story later, but can you do a favor for Emily?  She needs you (or your adolescent children) ASAP today to watch a facebook video she made and leave comments about the emotions it caused you to feel?  She had to compose a string quartet, and the comments need to be included in the correlated paper (I think.)

I’m wondering how this big public school is going to feel about a major summer project done on a religious theme… we’ll see soon! 

Here’s the link.  I can’t imbed it here, because you need to leave the comments there.  Does that make any sense at all?  I think I need more caffeine.


Thanks from Emily!

5 thoughts on “Emily needs school-school project help.

  1. Elizabeth, For those of us who don’t care to sign up on youtube to be able to comment on Emily’s composition, could you provide us with an email address? Thanks, Teri

  2. OK, AJ and I aren’t subscribed to youtube, so here are our comments:

    1. I can’t believe you’ve watched more than 8000 videos. Wow. I’ll have to look at your favorites.
    2. Jane: Definitely got a sense of forboding the whole way through. I also got a feeling of repetitiveness when Delilah was trying to figure out the hair thing. The monotony was very effective. Overall very depressing. Was that the intended effect?
    3. AJ: Well done. I would recommend checking your spelling, though.

  3. Okay, here are my comments:

    The subject matter is depressing as betrayal is depressing. Your music very effectively supported and enhanced this side of human nature. I overall sadness while watching and listening.

    Correct the spelling before submitting the assignment in class. I was impressed with the project overall.

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