George did just fine.


George had eye surgery two days ago, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to let you know he’s fine.  Everything went well, and the anesthesiologist even got his IV on the first stick.  This is a miracle.


I’ve just been a little busy taking care of a guy who has both arms in restraints.  It’s so important that he not rub his eyes, and I’m sure the stitches are so irritating for him.


He’s been, in keeping with his character, very easy to deal with… compared to the three of his siblings who had the same surgery.   He’s also been the first to be able to silently escape from his arm restraints 🙂 .


So this afternoon we’re trying to see how he does with his hands free… while VERY closely supervised.  The big kids and I are taking turns with 20 minute shifts of giving him absolute 100 % undivided attention (not that he doesn’t usually get way more than his share of attention anyway…)  The only problem we’ve had so far is that his eyes are still very sensitive to light.


And camera flashes.  I’m sorry, George, I should have thought about that.

Here’s the update on Sam’s friends – WC is still on the ventilator, still in the ICU, but was able to respond a bit yesterday.  I can’t imagine how hard this must be for his mom.  Only one of mine (Danny) has been intubated other than in surgery, and the silent cry around the tube is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever experienced.

Ian, on the other hand, is doing awesome.  Clearly a miracle happened.  Brian ran into the house a bit ago and told me that Ian actually was able to call Tristan, our neighbor, on the phone.  To go from ECMO to thinking and talking in a week is astonishing.  He has a long recovery and rehabilitation ahead, though.  He attends the nearby Catholic middle school, and today was everybody else’s first day.  Catching up will be hard… but as I think of the moms who have lost boys recently, it becomes a blessing rather than a burden.

9 thoughts on “George did just fine.

  1. George is just too cute and sweet NOT to have undivided attention! So glad he’s doing well and hopefully doesn’t get in “too much” trouble being unrestrained.

    Keeping Ian and WC in our prayers too.


  2. Fabulous news and darling photos. It is great that the older sibs are willing to help out like that. He is a special boy.

    Prayers and healing thoughts continue in Kalamazoo for your family, Ian’s and WC’s too.

  3. great news, elizabeth! george is a trouper, for sure, just like his whole family. as always, you all remain in our prayers. oh and ella says, YAY! he looks adorable.

  4. Im soo glad george is doing well! We all still miss him back in Winston, but Callie and Rom says he looks adorable (as always) in the pictures!

  5. im so happy for george, he looks so adorable. i just hope i’ll do just fine as george did when i have my strabismus surgery.
    God bless!

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