Really puts things in perspective.

We are back in NC, safe and sound, in plenty of time for George’s surgery on Monday.

I think perhaps I’d be quite worried about George, but thinking about Sam’s two friends in the ICU sort of diverts that maternal anxiety….

Ian (who was rescued, unconcious, from the bottom of the pool) is off ECMO and the ventilator, although he’s requiring a helium/oxygen mask for breathing.

WC ( in Sam’s scout troop) just had another brain surgery last night.  His mom’s quick email this morning said that he is still on the ventilator and not moving his arms and legs.  However, she said in the same note that she’s cautiously optimistic. 

I’m thinking that a couple of hours of work on George’s eyes is so minor, relatively speaking, that I really don’t have anything to stress about.  So I won’t.  And I’ll offer up the challenges of taking care of an uncomfortable post-op baby in arm splints (so he can’t rub his stitches) for the intentions of the Shaver family and the Cates family. 

Still no photos… my adapter has yet to get unburied from the van.  Brian is playing in his first soccer tournament in his new league this weekend (thankfully local… it’s a travel team, which I am not thrilled about) …  and although I haven’t been going to watch him play, the luggage carriers in my family have been rather busy today 🙂 .

5 thoughts on “Really puts things in perspective.

  1. Keeping Sam’s friends in my prayers. Had no idea who Ian was until you mentioned last names in this post. Can’t shake the image of wee little boys running around the playground at Holy Comforter…

  2. i’m glad you all made it home safely. i continue to offer my fervent and most deeply heartfelt prayers for ian and WC, for their families, and for all those who are caring for them in hospital. and of course will pray just as much for george and his surgery.

    so many children in need of extra protection. :/

    love, rowena___.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Special prayers for Ian and WC and their families and George’s surgery.

    I enjoyed the Fiber Fest yesterday and bought some sock yarn from Toni. Nancy

  4. We have followed (praying) Ian through his carribrige accoutn but would love to do the same with WC.

    I have no info. on WC but we would love to support him. If we could get additional information I woulds like Blaise’s scout troop to give some support (if nothing more than prayer) just let me know.

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