My babies are OK. However, two friends

No photos, no sock summit stories today… just a quick update. 

I got to Michigan safely, and I think the Tamiflu and Omnicef are perhaps working for my children.  Two other boys are in my thoughts today.

Back in Charlotte, two friends of ours have boys Sam’s age in the ICU at the children’s hospital, on life support. 

Ian, who has been friends with Sam since they were two, was rescued unconsious from the bottom of their neighborhood pool.  He is on ECMO and a ventilator, and there’s no news yet about brain function, since he’s sedated and paralyzed for the life support.

WC is in Sam’s scout troop at Holy Comforter, and is in the same ICU with bacterial meningitis.  He is very, very sick.

Boys that age are supposed to get broken bones and stitches and black eyes. Maybe bad colds once in a while.  It’s really scary to think about how fragile they can be.  I had a WONDERFUL time on my adventure, and it truly restored and re-energized me.  But I am so grateful to be back, surrounded by my children, who are not on ventilators and not in the ICU. 

Tomorrow, more Sock Summit photos, an update on Ian and WC, and lots of laundry before we drive home to North Carolina.

8 thoughts on “My babies are OK. However, two friends

  1. oh my goodness, so many conflicting emotions–happy that you are safe, that your children are responding to the meds–and so so sorry about the friends in ICU. everybody is in my thoughts and prayers. may all children get well and may all their mothers get some much-needed rest.

  2. Rowena and Esther have said it all! Give your kids an extra hug for me.
    Sam’s friends will be in my prayers…and families!

    You have such a gift to make us all so aware of what’s important…as I’ve said before…thank you for all our “life lessons”!

    Hugs to you too!

  3. Oh my heavens … you have had a crazy week since I last read your updates!!! I had read on about Ian, that is horrible! It seems he is progressing pretty well according to an update I read tonite.

    Prayers also for Sam’s other friend! I am so sorry about the H1N1 hitting your family! Hope you are safe and sound with them now and NOT catching anything they have!

    So grateful you were able to go to Sock Summit! I hope things settle down for you and your family soon! Hugs and prayers for a safe rest of your week! (and journey home!)

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