While I’m waiting in the airport

I’ve gotten as far as Chicago.  Emily made this video the day before George got sick, but I’d not had a chance to watch it.  It made me smile.

I’m hoping to get to Michigan in the next few hours… I think it would be OK with me if I don’t have to do this stand-by thing again for a long time!

4 thoughts on “While I’m waiting in the airport

  1. Great job, Emily! That has got to be the sweetest video (and baby!) I’ve seen in a long time!!

    Hope you’re home Elizabeth…know what you mean about stand-by…waiting (especially in an airport) can be torture…trying to get home to those cute kids made it even worse I’m sure!

    I’m sure they will feel better as soon as they see you!


  2. This video just makes me smile. I’m thinking of you all and hoping you can be safely reunited with your kiddos very soon, and that you all get through the flu as quickly as possible!

  3. eeek — trapped in an airport trying to get home. It’s like the Mom and Dad from “Home Alone”, except your gang is only trying to fend off microscopic bad guys instead of thugs. No ice and hot irons and tarantulas required. If you can’t fly, will you ride in the back of a bus with a touring polka band?

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