Abruptly Departing

More Sock Summit stories and photos will have to wait a bit…. and also I’ve collected SO many ideas to share.  But right now I’m sitting in the Portland airport on a standby list trying to get home (kalamazoo home) to my babies. 

80 % of them are sick.  Looks like H1N1 flu, and the littler ones are on Tamiflu.  Best guess is that Emily brought it home from Interlochen. 

Managing Danny when he’s sick can be really hard.  His breathing muscles are very, very weak, so it’s scary when he has the potential for illness settling in his chest.  Taking care of multiple kids sick at the same time is hard.   Jane and AJ and my parents are doing an awesome job.  I still feel really guilty though, and it’s so difficult to be away from my babies when they don’t feel good.

Here’s what I’m praying for as I sit in the airport:

1.  That Danny stays stable from a metabolic and respiratory standpoint.

2.  That my stand-by journey is safe and uncomplicated.

3.  That I don’t get sick when I get there, because I have to drive to NC this week – George has surgery a week from today.

4.  And for special blessings for my parents and sister and AJ who have been taking care of my babies with such care and love.

I’ll update when I can.


10 thoughts on “Abruptly Departing

  1. Adding my prayers to others that everyone heals quickly, you stay well, that your journey home is quick and easy.

  2. I’ll be praying for you and those babies. Sounds like your Sock Summit sojourn was all you could have wished. I appreciated reading all your posts so I could get some feeling for really being there – being this far east and having a college student in the family definitely kept me away, cost wise. Not to mention that I probably would have closed down the market place – it would have been hard to leave all that yarn behind. Take care and be well.

  3. OH NO!!! i’m so, so sorry, elizabeth, for all of it. PLEASE take care of yourself. i know, you want to tend to your kids but you too are one of the fragile ones (i know, you know all this).

    will pray even harder than ever that everybody stays ok, that you travel safely and that this all passes quickly.

  4. Hi,
    You have been busy, busy, busy,
    Please take care of you, I am praying for
    safe recovery for all, and safe trip home.
    Lots of love…….
    Jean and Amelia

  5. Elizabeth, we will keep those prayers coming!

    Like everyone says, please don’t overdo…( I know…it’s just part of being a mom!!!)

    Lots of love and prayers!

  6. Praying hard, Elizabeth! A friend of mine here in TN is sitting home with sick kids, and could be the same flu strain. I dread the autumn and winter…

    Take care of yourself and your babies!

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