Sock Summit: Barbara Walker

Staying one day behind…. Although my brain is SO TIRED from thinking so hard and learning so much that the temptation is strong to skip writing and just go lay down in some yarn someplace.  There is certainly plenty of yarn around here.


But first I have to tell you that I got to take a class from Barbara Walker.  This is a VERY BIG DEAL                .    I can’t think of any universal analogy to use, so lots of capital letters will have to suffice. 


One more thing.  Not only did I get to take a class from Barbara Walker, I actually, really, honestly and truly now own a pair of SOCKS knitted by Barbara Walker.  Not kidding.  I can’t wait to take them into the yarn shop at home and show them to everybody.  Then I think I’ll have them framed. 


Here’s something I’m proud of:  I did my work in her class instead of just swooning and staring like some of my classmates (and you know who you are J .   We spent the first half of class reviewing mosaic knitting techniques and the second half studying design principles and mathematics.   It was definitely challenging but in a good way. 


Oh, one more thing and then I have to go learn more.  Remember about the Hallowig that Rowena made me?  The one that my children begged me not to wear in public?  It seems to be the headwear of choice here… even among people not in the middle of chemotherapy. 


My class today, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow, was an all day intensive session on unusual sock architecture.  Amazing.

2 thoughts on “Sock Summit: Barbara Walker

  1. elizabeth, how wonderful that you got to meet and learn from THE barbara walker!!! i hope you got pictures of yourself with her. and i feel so vindicated that everybody is wearing a hallowig. LOL i hope the rest of the summit is as fantastic for you as the first part has been. LOVE TO YOU!!!

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