Your homework

I had LOTS of homework for Sock Summit.  Seems so far that I did OK on it 🙂 .

Now you have homework so that you can understand a photo I’m going to post later or tomorrow.

Two short answer questions, no need to write the answers.

1.  Who is Barbara Walker?

2.  Before yesterday, when was the last time she was involved in anything knitting related?

I am having a MARVELOUS time, even though the lymphedema bandages are slowing me down a bit.  This is truly a trip of a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Your homework

  1. Elizabeth,
    I’ve only commented one other time….but today I couldn’t resist. It is so fun to see you having so much fun! I found myself with a smile on my face after reading your last few posts. Your excitment is contagious and I’m so happy for you that you’re getting to have this wonderful experience. Enjoy every moment!
    Kim in Charlotte, NC

  2. barbara walker??? from the knitting encyclopedia??? seems like she’s been doing a lot of feminist things now. i think the last knitting thing i remember seeing of hers was from the 80’s. LOL

    i’m SO GLAD you are having a good time! thank you for sharing this special trip with us. go forth and knit!

  3. I know who B.W. is. Does it count if her involvement involves my knitting something from one of her works, or my learning something from her?

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