Secret Benefactor



Posting live from Sock Summit 2009!  The picture above is the front of my brand new shirt.  And what an adventure I had getting here!  SOMEBODY needs to take responsibility for the move up to first class.  Everybody I’ve spoken to today absolutely denies it.


Kelley (my hostess this weekend) had two things to say:

“It wasn’t me, I promise”


“Oh, no you are NOT taking my picture!”


Speaking of people whose pictures I took, see the person moving really fast in the photo above?  She is one of the organizers of this event.  She has also raised $600,861.00 for Doctors without Borders.  There is a benefit silent auction for them tomorrow night.  Maybe I should have brought my checkbook 🙂 .


This is what a Sock Summit looks like before it starts.  I took this photo from my friend Toni’s booth in the marketplace.  I’ll take another photo from the same spot tomorrow… betcha it will look a little different.   Actually, about the marketplace:  maybe it was good that I didn’t bring my checkbook.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that everybody in Kalamazoo is fine.  I sure miss my babies  (see photo below from yesterday… papa, sam, david and brian), but I’m doing my best to enjoy my independence.   I am looking forward to not having to quarrel with anybody about the room temperature.  Dixon has challenged me to see if it’s possible to make a hotel air conditioner get things so cold that I can see my breath.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?!?


6 thoughts on “Secret Benefactor

  1. Enjoy the independence. I remember when my children were younger (they are now 9 – 29) having to challenge myself to find things other than our children to think about! As far as room temp – my husband and I have changed roles – he sleeps with two blankets and I have a sheet… maybe. My dad learned how the other half lives when he was being treated for prostate caner with some estrogen type med – he had hot flashes and developed a waistline “roll”. Keep cool and God bless you all.
    PS Hi Midge and Pat!

  2. I didn’t do it! I didn’t even THINK of it. What a wonderful benefactor/ress.
    So, did you go introduce yourself to YH? Did you tell her any stories you’ve been wanting to tell her for a really long time?? Send thanks to Kelley from me, a stranger who’s grateful for her gift of hospitality. Also, I’m glad to hear all is well in Kalamazoo. I’m in CT. Went to Webs today. No sock-weight yarn, however. All bulky weight for Warm Woolies knitting.

  3. Edda, you can get back in the Knitting Groove by making something warm for an orphan via Warm Woolies. Projects done on big needles with fat yarn work up quickly. Instant gratification. Well, gratification faster than sock gratification, if not entirely “instant”.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I hope you are having a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time on Wednesday when I was able to meet Emily, Danny, and George. Emily is so good to and with the little guys. She showed me two of the paintings she had done at camp. What a gift she has to be able to have both her right and left hemispheres working at top speed. I wonder where she gets that??? Danny showed me his website, and George cuddled with me. Love, Nancy

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