You are NEVER going to guess

where I am right at this moment.  I so totally wish I’d asked Sam to figure out my webcam for me so I could give you picture hints!

But since I didn’t, picture this:  One mom, dressed in her basic uniform of a simple dress and big lymphedema bandages, sitting at a table at a Starbucks.  There is a muffin on the table that I haven’t had to share and a very clean bottle of water.  LOTS of huge windows behind me.

No guesses yet?  I am wearing slip on shoes… and next to me is my backpack on wheels.  My dad brought me here at 7:30 this morning.

Correct!  I’m at the airport, ready to fly to Portland for my adventure.  I am going to the Sock Summit, the most ultimate knitting event ever in the history of interlocking loops with pointy sticks.  This is basically my grown up equivalent of a Make-A-Wish trip.  I can’t figure out how to explain this Sock Summit event to people who, for example, aren’t on Ravelry, but really all you need to know is that I could have chosen to go anywhere or do anything and this was IT!

The kids are staying with my parents, who have spent the past three days training on Danny’s equipment.  They even know how to replace a traumatically removed Mic-Key button now!  I am so grateful for them… they’re going to be SO tired by the end of this week!

Time to go through security.  I miss my babies, but they’ve really enjoyed helping me get ready and sharing in my excitement.  I brought my camera, so I promise lots of photos from Portland.  Gotta go 🙂 .

10 thoughts on “You are NEVER going to guess

  1. You are right – I never would have guessed. Oh, Elizabeth – I am so happy for you! Enjoy your adventure at the Sock Summit (love the name) to the max.

  2. It made my day to think of you sitting at the airport on your way to the Sock Summit! Especially with water without any floaters! Have a glorious time, learn a lot about socks and keep all of those who love you posted on SS adventures. Your parents may be the bravest people I know–heroes of the first order! Best wishes to all, SLP

  3. Edda and I stopped at your parent’s tonight after work and met the whole gang. We were giving your parents morale support. Your Dad kept asking if we were going to ask if they needed anything – I told him we knew better….. All was going well while we were there and we were entertained by George and his mixing bowl, too. Emily said it was very weird having us know so much about all of them. Jane came in while we were there so we got to see her too.

    Have a wonderful time at the Sock Summit!

  4. I know you’re going to have a great time…those parents of yours have anxiously awaited this time I’m sure!

    I can just see Emily’s expressions as Teri and Edda spoke…I’m sure it must have felt “weird”! (Just let her know that we love each and every “Dehority kid” story!


  5. Hi,

    I recently found your blog on another spot I frequent. I too am another Elizabeth, Catholic, with a child with CP–Liam is pretty severe. Also, I am learning how to knit. Please feel free to send me an email if you would like to chat.


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