Elizabeth and Elizabeth



Here we are, Elizabeth Sweeney (DeHority) and Elizabeth Sweeney. 

Sam and I tried and tried to get a photo of Grandma with George – the oldest and the youngest members of our LARGE extended family.  We did our best, really.  Here is the very most successful photo:


My grandmother is in a wonderful nursing home.  While we were there, I think the staff came in at least four times just for little things…. I am confident that she is getting the best care.  Sure, it would be nicer if she were home, but that’s not possible.


This is the house where my dad grew up, and I spent so many summer weeks when I was little.  Dixon and I didn’t get to have a honeymoon right after our wedding, but we had a vacation a couple of months later and we came here.  My grandfather was born in this house… it’s been in the family for well over a hundred years.

Many generations have gone to the same school, too (and still do)   This is Sacred Heart Academy, founded in 1889.


This is a nifty connection:  Emily just finished her time at Interlochen, an arts camp for kids from all over the world,  and one of her bunkmates goes to this school!  They didn’t figure it out until the summer was over, but Emily’s new friend has been in her cousin Andrew’s class since kindergarten.  Small world, huh?

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth and Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth,

    It is so wonderful that you were able to make it up here to Michigan and see your grandmother. I’m sure she was very happy to see you also. It is so nice seeing the pictures and that George of yours is really adorable!!


  2. Greetings from Camp Illahee, so glad you made it safe and sound, your grandmother looks great, SO DO YOU! all is well here, talk to you when we all return to home base, love, Susan

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures ~ you can see how happy she was to have you guys go for a visit. And even if George didn’t want to have the greatest picture you can tell they enjoyed each other! What a blessing to you all.

  4. I am so thankful that you were able to visit with your Grandmother. At least you have proof for George that he was on his Great-Grandmother’s lap when she was 99. That is a precious photo even if he wasn’t thrilled to be there. You and Sam have that record as well.

    Your new hair makes you look like a pixie! I think it is attractive, though I imagine you do not. Remember you can pay to make it blond and straight when it is longer, if you want.

    May your trip to Portland be inspirational, relaxing and restful. May you make new friends, learn new things with yarn and may your heart be filled with happiness. Enjoy, relax, enjoy, restore, enjoy, revive, enjoy, and have real good time.

    If it works out, I hope to meet you when you are back in Michigan.

  5. These pics are absolutely lovely. Your Grandmother is beautiful. I am sooo happy you all got together. Every family owes its name….

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