Sorry about the tantrum. Today: swimming


If lymphedema is the worst thing that’s happened to us this summer, Danny’s swimming lessons are definitely the best.  Pure joy, absolutely great.


When Danny’s special-ed gym teacher offered to teach him how to swim this summer, I was skeptical.  But it seemed like such a “regular kid” thing to do, and since everything else he does has the word THERAPY attached to it, we decided to try it.   I am SOOOO glad we took Miss Yolanda up on her offer.  She is an extraordinary teacher, and she has given Danny an amazing gift.


Look at this child floating all by himself!  Actually, Miss Yolanda says that kids with very low muscle tone are good natural floaters.  I guess I’d never thought that you could use the words “good” and “natural” about anything athletic when you’re talking about a kid with CP.  Guess I was wrong 🙂 .  Sometimes it’s great to be wrong!


And he LOVES it.  She helped Danny be fearless right from the start… and then his successful learning has kept him motivated.


We’ve had a little trouble with his breathing after lessons, and his Mic-Key button feeding tube doesn’t like the chlorinated water so much, I don’t think.  But those are minor troubles once you see the pride on his face!   Danny, I’m really proud of you, too.


9 thoughts on “Sorry about the tantrum. Today: swimming

  1. Please tell Danny that we will have a lot of fun swimming in our neighborhood pool next week! That reminds me that I have to get a week guest pass for your family… Make sure everyone brings a suit (including George).

  2. I’m going to share this entry with Mrs. Love, the sewing teacher, who — just yesterday — was telling me about another child with CP whom SHE used to teach to swim at the Y! (BTW — yesterday at sewing, FBP made the greatest self-designed starfish-shaped pillow with My Little Pony fabric as the starfish’s “stomach”. TEP is working on an amazing minkee-backed patchwork quilt…. as a gift for little sister!)

  3. It is so plain to see how much fun he’s having. I keep hearing from his grandmother what a great little person he is.

  4. Great job, Danny!

    What a special teacher…I know she loves watching that sweet, smiling face learning new skills!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of them all swimming at Jane’s….Have fun!!!


  5. First – WAY TO GO, Danny! You can even put your face in the water without plugging your nose – which I never learned to do and I’m old! Have fun swimming with your cousins next week.

    Second – I didn’t notice anything close to a tantrum. Venting and tantrum aren’t interchangeable in my book! I would not bother to comment on a tantrum as they are best ignored.

    I’m with Edda and hope to have the opportunity to meet more of your children next week, and maybe even you. However. if your kids were like mine, they hate being shown off even by nana and papa.

  6. It makes me happy just to look at the D-man’s smile! Hope the trip is going well –it is mighty quiet on Devon Drive. Love to all, SLP

  7. Great photos! tell him he must be part shark!

    I want to share that Callie whispered in mass that in the silent portion for prayers she always prays for Elizabeth Dehority. Isn’t that cool?

    Say hello to all your MI family, I can’t wait to hear Emily’s adventures

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